Fashion Tips from Maidenform
How to wear sheer for fall and more!

As any savvy New York City woman knows, the right bra and underpinnings make all the difference. With so many designers featuring sheer looks, lace and cut-outs this season in slimming  silhouettes finding the perfect bra can be a challenge -- until now! Joonbug had the opportunity to interview Maidenform Fashion Director Norah Alberto and score expert tips on how to look your best this season! We are going to add, that we were impressed by all of the various options Maidenform brings to the table (and your closet)!

Maidenform is a well-known brand with vast appeal. What's the biggest misconception that women face when looking for the perfect bra?

There are quite a few but one of the biggest misconceptions is women tend to think that the bra straps and/or cups do most of the heavy lifting. In fact the bra band holds most of the weight of the bust and should fit snugly around your rib cage and the center gore should lay flat against your breast bone.

Believe it or not, 8 out of 10 women are still wearing the wrong bra size! If you answer yes to any of the below questions...get a professional fitting or there are easy way to fit yourself at home. One thing though, bra sizes vary by manufacturer sometimes so it is always best to try on your bra before purchasing. Once you find your brand and fit then stock up! Flesh tones flatter lighter clothing - not white. The closer to your skin tone your bra is, the better your white shirt will look!

Somethings to consider: Do your bra straps dig into or slip off your shoulders? *Does the underwire poke into your breast tissue? * Does the bra span the breasts and not fit close to the chest wall? * Does the bra ride up in the back? * Do your breasts sag under your clothing? *Do you feel like taking off your bra before the day is over? *Do the buttons on your blouse gap at the bust line? *Have you recently gained or lost more than 10 lbs.? *Does your breast tissue not stay contained in the bra cups?

This fall it's all about a hint of sheer and a touch of lace. Which style from Maidenform do you suggest for wearing under those sheer blouses we have spotted from the runways to the racks?

Solid sheer tops look amazing with a similar colored cami underneath, which creates a sexy illusion. A tailored one for a more sophisticated look or one with a hint of lace or accents for a sexy surprise. Some of my favorites include Maidenform’s Decadence Cami because of its sexy and chic look and the slip from the Easy Up collection. It has vintage details that look great peeking through plus the fabric is made with a special low friction finish to prevent static cling! A few useful tips: Pair your cami with your bottom for a nice elongated look that is super chic, printed sheers look best with tailored underpinnings, strapless slips can look super sexy yet sophisticated under a sheer style.

There's a lot of buzz surrounding your Weightless Comfort Slip -- can you tell me more about this product?

Pure love for this slip and the cami too! It’s Maidenform’s lightest weight shapewear ever! There are no exposed seams or shaping panels but it still provides all over shaping. They have this really great lace top accent that lays flat and is fun and flirty without being seen through your clothes...you must try it!

Please share three key Maidenform essentials that the savvy women of Manhattan need in their wardrobe.

Never underestimate the power of a strapless multiway...this style can accommodate almost any top or dress...great for traveling when you are limited in packing space.

· Full Slip - smoothes out any lumps and bumps in a pinch.

· Everyday T-shirt bra - a no brainer...one that is super comfortable and is your go to bra.

As the Fashion Director for Maidenform, what's the best advice you can offer to those looking to make in the fashion industry and in today's business world?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself...go out on a limb and take that chance. You may just have the next big idea. Also, The market changes constantly and innovation and thinking ahead of the curve is key. Even when you think you are ahead never become complacent. Exercise that brain!