Masquerade at MiN New York
Celebrating the Launch of "Fate" Perfume by Amouage

Fate was the theme last night in MiN New York in Soho. It's been 4 years since Chad Murawczyk and Mindy Yang signed the lease on what is now the home of MiN New York, a best seller of indie and limited distribution fragrances and more from all over the world. Walking into MiN you are transported instantly. Bidding farewell to the hustle and bustle of downtown city life, and welcoming the sweet scents of fresh, invigorating fragrance. 

It was a night of masquerade to celebrate the launch of "Fate" by Amouage Perfumes, including special guest Satish Patel, head of European sales at Amouage. The crowd, while being treated to specialty Vermouth cocktails sponsored by Atsby, and designed to mimic the unique smell of the fragrances, dazzled in a plethora of ghoulish masks and sexy disguises. It was the perfect start to the Halloween weekend. 
Originating some twenty-five years ago, Amouage is one of the first ultra luxury artisanal brands of perfume around the world. For the past seven years the brand has intricately crafted an inate storyline dedicated to igniting consumers' passion for lasting luxury aroma. It began with the elegant scent of "Jubilation", and culminates in the aftermath of "Fate", a duo of men's and women's perfume rich in citrus and spicy compositions. "Fate" for Women ischic, combining a rich blend of spicy chilly pepper and cinnamon with floral notes of rose, jasmine and daffodil, while "Fate" for Men is strong and woody, pairing spicy cumin, saffron and mandarin with the sweet and masculine scents of licorice, sandalwood and cedar. These matching scents are an ideal addition to the already vast inventory available at MiN in Soho. With the holidays just around the corner, MiN is your one-stop shop to perfume perfection.