Constance Rose Collections opens its closet's door to the web
Interview with creator and head designer, Nicole Munson

Photography by Night Out Photo.

Joonbug would like to introduce you to  fashion's future head designer for petite clothing, Nicole Munson. Her line Constance Rose Collections, started  in 2011, has has been showing the world where to find the future of fashion since day one. This past Monday, Nicole finally opened up the collection's online store. What's more? Not only are her items available for purchase, but also, buyers have the option to have everything fitted by Nicole herself to garauntee a perfect fit. 

Nicole Munson is a graduate student, entrepreneur, and fashion designer with an interest in strategic innovation. Nicole graduated from The Sage Graduate School with her MBA in May 2013. Upon receiving her undergraduate degree in 2010 at The Sage Colleges, Nicole was given the “Excellence in Business Administration” award. Nicole comes from two generations of avid fashion enthusiasts. She was named“Constance Rose” after her grandmother of the same name, who also enjoyed fashion design. Nicole practically grew up in a sewing room, as her mother has over thirty years experience as a seamstress.

Constance Rose Collections was inspired by  a lifetime of troublefinding trendy, petite sized clothing. In so much, Constance Rose Collections is designed, specifically, with the  petite frame in mind. It also offers vintage inspired ready to wear pieces. The ultimate vision for Constance Rose Collections is to redefine the current perception of petites within the fashion industry. 

Constance has also been an active part of the community as well, having hosted charity fashion shows. Her latest show took place October 7, and all proceeds made off ticket sales went directly towards the building of a new wing to the Ronald McDonald House in Albany - where the event was hosted.

You can visit the online store at the Constance Rose Collections wesbite, where you can check out the "Pretty in Petite" collection, that she has up for sale. More collections and styles are in the works of being made for sale as well, so keep your eyes out for future releases!

Within hearing this news we decided to get an interview with Nicole and ask her about her past, present and future as a fashion designer and creator of Constance Rose Collection.

 How long have you been in fashion design?

 I have been into fashion design since I was about 11 but I didn’t start to pursue fashion design until October of 2011, which is when I had met my current business partner, Daniel Capullo, and lead model Rachel Aurie. I’ve always loved going to events wearing pieces that I knew no one else had and being able to pick out all my own fabric!

 How much time do you put into the work that you do?

I never stop. I work on the clothing line/business every single day. Even if I only have an hour or two, I dedicate it to some way shape or form of developing the company brand. If I am always consistently working on some aspect of it then it will never slip away from me because I will always be there to keep it close.

 How important do you feel it is to make clothes for petite women? Why?

 I feel like it is extremely important to make clothes for petites because being petite is a lifestyle and those who are petite already know all about the difficulties they encounter when it comes to shopping. I want to be the voice for these petite women to let them know that, I more than anyone understand where petites are coming from being 5’3” myself and am working so hard to make a difference in their shopping experience!

Where do you see yourself taking your clothing and what are your plans for the future?

 I see constantly challenging myself to be better and explore as many opportunities as I possibly can. My plans for the future are to never stop loving what I do every single day, which is designing. I feel very strongly that loving what you do is the key to finding success, which for me is the happiness that I feel when working on one of my designs.

What makes you want to do philanthropy through your fashion line?

 I want to do philanthropy through my fashion line because it just seems right. If I can make a difference whether it is big or small then why not do it? I like to help with anything any way I can, it has always been in my nature. I honestly look forward to doing more fashion fundraiser events in the future!

 How excited are you to finally be able to sell your collection on-line?

I am very excited to finally be able to sell my collection on-line! I still have a long journey ahead but I am grateful that I have made it to this next level and cannot wait to see where I go from here!

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

 I get my inspiration from all sorts of things, that’s the best part! I’ve been inspired by a film I had to watch in one of my graduate classes all the way to different shapes, colors or patterns I see in various places throughout my day. I mostly like to design with a vintage aesthetic because to me, there is something about vintage that I find very timeless and beautiful.