Fashion Forward
The future of the fashionista is bright and ever-shining!

What we can wear and how we can wear it has changed drastically in the wake of the 21st century, yet history seems to be repeating itself in many fashion trends. Luckily, our ability to manage and modify our fashion addiction has continued to grow and create an entirely new and infinite world of fashion technology. Here are some fashion innovations, some more obtainable than others, for the modernizing woman.


Individually, you can use the Rent the Runway application for your iPhone or iPad. The app gives you access to hundreds of different dresses based on your interest or occasion. You can see what’s trending, but also get specific recommendations for your own dress based on the type of occasion, weather forecast, along with pattern and design preferences. Most notability, the app allows you to take a picture of any print and then matches it to a trending dress. Overall, it is ton of fresh fashion crammed into a free app!








Another great free app that allows you to digital organize and categorize your own closet is, Cloth. By taking photos of you in your clothes, you can tag outfits and pieces as season, weather, color, and occasion. The app is incredibly aethetic and fun to use. You can document and catalog your favorite outfits, as well as share them through social media connections. The app keeps you organized and proud of your fashion exploits in the past, present, and future!


For the even more fashion-forward lady, Day2Night’s convertible heels are an incredible buy to keep your fashionista status ever-flourishing. These “super” heels have five different height options, ranging from a 1.5” to a 3.5” in a mere snap and click. Day2Night also offers the heels in a wide variety of styles and colors revolutionizing foot ware for the active, working woman. For $150, thank you for creating great pairs of heels that can be worn anytime, anywhere!



Remember Cher Horowitz’s high-tech virtual closet in 1995’s Clueless? Who else to look to for the savviest fashion must-haves in technology? For the ultimate Fashion Hero, a revolutionary closet technology has been developed called Swivel that allows you to virtually try on clothing just like Cher! The technology designed by FaceCake uses Kinect to project yourself “wearing” your favorite clothing, accessories, and make up on a digital screen! Currently, the technology is only intended for clothing and department stores, but with a little development, it could easily enhance every chic style guru’s closet experience for the future.