Top Places to Buy Last Minute Gifts
Strapped for time and cash? Here's how to get the best bang for your buck.

Being in your 20s is all about procrasitination, whether it comes to finals, planning vacations, or buying Christmas gifts.  Sometimes money is tight, but usually the adrenaline rush of doing things down to the wire makes procrastinating almost worth it.  If you still haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, not to worry: here are places you can go both on and offline where you can get unique, creative presents at a reasonable price.


 Winter Village at Bryant Park

Every year, this temporary miniature village pops up in the space behind the Library on 42nd Street.  There are dozens of small shops that have hundreds of craft products, jewlery, and more.  If you get cold, there's always a booth for warm snacks and hot cocoa.  If you want to go skating in the rink, just be prepared for a long line.  Warning: the Winter Village does get crowded, so plan your expedition for the late evening or the morning.  There are other similar villages in Union Square and Grand Central Terminal, if you don't find what you're looking for.

42nd and 6th Avenue, New York, New York, 10018 


Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

For a quirky gift that's off the beaten path, Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store in Boerum Hill is a specialty shop that has tchotchkes ranging from embroidered towels to vintage CDs.  Most items are under $20, making it worth the schlep.

365 State Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11217



 So you're lazy in addition to being a procrastinator.  We understand.  Fortunately, you still have time to buy presents online.  Overstock has literally everything you could ever want or think of with reasonable prices and free shipping.  For the underacheiver in all of us.


Red Envelope.com

For those of you who have a bit more money but not the time to squeeze through throngs of people, Red Envelope has a delightful assortment of gifts that range from cute knickknacks to skincare products to jewlery.  This is a low-stress way to impress your friends and family, but can also charm a crush or significant other.



The best place to get vintage and handmade products, Etsy has personalized products that are perfect for the person in your life who has an eye for detail.  You can take your time picking out the perfect gift without the added stress of rummaging through nearly empty bins or scouring depleting shelves.