Office Dress Code!
Joonbug provides you with a recipe for office fabulous.

Ladies, we've all been there: it's the morning, you're getting ready for work, you're already pressed for time, and you haven't a clue what to wear. You stand infront of your closet hoping for some divine intervention or sign, but feel hopeless and lost. What perpetuates from this morning struggle then leads to a wardrobe of simplicity that can soon start to feel rather stagnant, and well, boring. But don't fret, Joonbug has concocted a list of fool-proof outfits that will have you looking good and feeling good. After all, when you look and feel your best, you will have a productive work day. Here are a few office wardrobe ideas to make you shine at your next meeting, because there’s more than a pantsuit to wear to the office. 



A dress is the perfect fashion tool to fight the weekday "blahs."  With the right length and details it will have you feeling business elegant. Check out this H&M woven knee- length dress, currently on sale for $17.45. It has a draped neckline and a leather belt at the waist line to give it a modest detail. This type of dress also gives you the option of adding pieces such as cardigans or blazers to complete your look. 

Adding diverse prints can also zest up your wardrobe. Florals are feminine prints that can work for the office, like this floral peplum dress from Forever21 for $24.80. 






Wearing a skirt for the office can both be professional and appealing. Whether you’re looking for a skirt suit or a simple skirt, minimal details can bring a boring plain black skirt to life. We love the bottom pleated detail on this Khol’s AB studio pleated skirt for $44. The bottom detail gives the skirt a girly and flirty feel. Office skirts don’t have to be boring; if you add slight detail to make you stand out, you’ll be noticing a few more compliments at work. 


Blazers and Jackets

Blazers are wardrobe staples because they pretty much fit into every style. Of course you can always go for the easy choice with your typical black blazer but here’s a blazer you might want to try for your new work wardrobe. This Garden Chic Blazer from Forever21 for $29.80 will get you a few looks when you walk into that next meeting. 

 We love this Colorblock Reefer coat form JC Penny priced at $34.99. It’s a must add to your office attire. The leather collar trim gives it a distinctive feel. 



The finishing touches

 We all love the final pieces of a wardrobe. After all, it’s the little things that count. Take a look at this tote handbag from Target for $34.99. It has the space for your files and has a color block detail for your personal style.











We can’t forget the shoes for your new wardrobe! Check out these Studded pointed pumps from Charlotte Russe for $32.50. The studded detail gives the pumps some edge and doesn’t compromise the professional dress code. 






Are you ready to go shopping for your new office wardrobe? We hope these stylish tips will have you feeling like a boss next time you walk in the office.