Bring On The Men!...in Tights?
Menswear and Meggings!

With Fashion Week right around the corner everyones talking about the trends and surpises. 

Surpise! This year, following in the footsteps of Paris and London : New York will be hosting it's inaugral New York Fashion Week’s Men’s Day on February 5th. This day dedicated to men's fashion wil host two hour blocks and is sponsored by Cadillac. The day will host some of the hottest menswear designers such as BespokenCarlos Campos, David Hart, Lucio Castro, Bosideng, and Ernest Alexander

Not only will they display their menswear but there will be Cadillac ELR’s at Industria Studios. The cars will be customized by  Bespoken, Hart, and Alexander. The designs are rumored to be inspired by the cars exterior itself. 

It's about time that menswear got some serious recognition. Some may believe that women have more fashion choices than men but in the Paris , Milan and London menswear fashion shows we saw some truly outrageous mens trends hit the runways including fur lined Birkenstocks , metal lip guards and ski masks.

Although many of these extreme avant garde trends seemed to be just that ..."avant garde." One of the hot looks by Walter van Beirendonck is actually hitting the streets. 

Walter van Beirendonck showcased leggings in a variety of prints and styles. Men in tight pants and leggings is not something that we are shocked by - from 80's hair bands to Russell Brand and Justin Bieber and Lenny Kravitz :  men have been wearing tight pants for a while. Not only this but Versace , Prada and Givenchy have featured them in menswear over the years. 

Once a joke on the fashion scene "What's next? Men in leggings?" but the trend has trickled down into the mainstream fashion for men. We are no longer surprised with men wearing leggings to the gym but is swapping meggings with your boyfriend going a little too far?

Chicago based duo Adam Freck and Andrew Volk launched their company Meggings Man Clothing in December and they are venturing on bringing their line of "meggings" to the clubs ansd streets. On the website the brand boasts themselves as " high quality alternative apparel for men. Our primary focus is designing and offering meggings that have been functionally and aesthetically tailored to the male physique."

So how are they tailored to the male phsyique ? Company founders Freck and Volk explained that they had wider hips , inverted triangle panels and zippers in the front. The site givesd a variety of styles from a basic black to bright colors , the american flag in two styles , metallic and more. The site suggests men pair them with shirts, tank tops, jackets and hoodies, along with heavy boots or "vintage kicks."

We don't know about you...but womens leggings are often called "not pants" and are quite ... *ahem* ...revealing around our private parts. Phillip Salem , owner of the NYC boutique "Owen" says "Bulge is for the bedroom" and suggests "Stretch out the crotch area before wearing them." 

Men's leggings or leggings are truly the evolution of mens pants which got tigher and tighter over the years. We suppose they are an athletic look but edgier. If a $300 pair is a little out of your price range for a pair of Henrik Vibskov leggings check out the "Meggings" site and get a pair starting at $29.95

We can't wait to see a band of merry men on the streets! Especially after the gym.