56th Annual Grammy's : Best Dressed and Worst Dressed
Some were white hot , others dazzled like diamonds... and then there was Pharrels millinery choices.

Boom! And like that the 56th Annual Grammys were over! 

Tay Tay played her little heart out waving her hair back and forth, and clearly Queen B (Beyonce) and her hubby were wasted on love with that opening number. Although at times it seemed like the Grammy organizers picked collaboration out of a hat (Maybe that explains Pharrells hat...) the performances were amazing. 

Lorde showed off some monster mash hand gestures and P!nk killed it with spectacular acrobatics with Nate Ruess. Katy Perry was watching a lot of Charmed to pull off Dark Horse in all of it's glory. Oh and if you haven't heard  - Daft Punk swept the Grammys and their performance with Niles Rodgers , Stevie Wonder and Pharrell gave us all of the feels. 

A few key people missed the Grammys such as Adele who won her 10th Grammy last night for Skyfall! (But it's okay , she tweeted about it while getting some much needed rest!) and of course who couldn't help but notice miss Miley was not present. Some of us had our hopes up that she would appear during Robin Thickes "Blurred Lines" performance but alas she did not. Instead she tweeted and instagrammed her performance for the night. 

As Miley was playing Guitar Hero - the rest of our faves donned their best and not so best and stiood out on another star studded red carpet. 


If you were also too busy playing Guitar Hero - heres a recap of the best and worst looks of the Grammy's 2014!


Always elegant - white was the hottest color of the night. How could we not start with this custom Michael Costello dress worn by Beyonce.

Don't worry she wore a sheer leotard , and a cage dress for her performace in true Beyonce style. 

Is anyone else reminded of Jennifer Lopez's 2013 Golden Globes dress?

We love the sheer lace on both divas ! Props ladies!












Hot off the Valentino runway - Katy Perry stepped out in a this stunning sheer dress covered in the score of Verdi's La Traviata

Nothing is more perfect for a music awards show than parchment colored dress covered in the score of an opera. Right?












If you haven't seen Disney's Frozen yet - you should get right on that! But if you have , you might have stopped to consider that Paris Hilton looked a little like Elsa - the ice queen (see here) in this Haus of Milani dress. This is definitely a good grown up look for Paris













Taylor Swift had a great time at the Grammy's in her gorgeous Gucci dress. Not only did she look stunning but she looked like she had a lot of fun! Diamonds are a girls best friend but T-Swift's whole dress sparkling was so much better than diamonds!














Anna Kendricks thigh caught our eyes as she swayed down the red carpet in this amazing classy but oh so revealing Azzaro dress. Not only was the cream color flattering but we love what the straps are doing for her cleavage! 














Although white was a hot color - it was certainly a massive hit and a miss for a few of our fave stars. Notorious for his erm - forward fashion - Steven Tyler wore all white.

The only award that he managed to achieve with this look was a tie for "Most awkward mustache" with Nate Ruess (see here)

We like your green streaks though Steven! and you definitley have moxy!












Another swing at the all white was Sara Bareilles high low dress that was somewhere between a swan and a pillow fight happened on it... 

We did absolutley fall off our barstools when Sara performed with Carole King though! Amazing!











Miss Kacey Musgraves shot her arrow right through T-Swizzles grammy nomination by winning Country Album fo the Year! Everyone was super proud and excited for Kacey. The 25 year old performed on stage in a super short dress and light up cowboy boots surrounded by neon cacti. 

Although we are really proud of you girl , we wish you followed your arrow to better dresses! You made our worst dressed twice! 

We know sheer is hot but this was a total miss with the sheer stiff organza and the ruffles are really wearing Kacey not the other way round. 

But.... it could be worse...










And there it is....

Please. Put down the bedazzler and step away from the lampshade. 

We get that you wanted to look fun and flirty but there is just way too much going on in this dress. It's a little short and just distracting. 

It looks like the carousel from Mary Poppins

Leave the lampshade at home... but we think the light up boots are cute!









Ariana Grande might love the way you make her feel but we do not the way this outfit makes us feel. 

This dress drowns the 5ft singer and shortens her by hitting her mid calf. The dress is wearing her. 

Now the real issue - nude stockings.

Thick , nude stockings... at the Grammys.

Listen we understand it's winter but no shave November is over. 

Leave the stockings at home.

Always, no ifs and or buts. 








We are convinced that the lines weren't the only thing blurred when Robin Thicke and Paula Patton got ready for the Grammys. 

We would like to send some windex so they can unblur their mirror. 

This blue velvet tux was topped off with some aviators. Didn't anyone else notice the indoor sunglasses trend? How is this fashionable - or is this a hangover decoy?

Don't worry though , to remedy the situation Paula Patton stole her dress from a zebra. With curves like that , why would she wear glittery animal print with a black trim? This is not flattering Paula. 

Leave this one to prom. 







Daft Punk may have won the Grammys. 








But the winner of the most "why?," "what happened?" and "oh my god's" was in fact Pharrell's hat.

Yes , you read that right - not Pharrell himself who had 7 nominations, it was his two hats for the evening. To try and express how painfully unfashionable these hats are here are a few photos to give you an idea: 

 Yes , he really did wear this. 

No really....







Beyonce and Jay-Z are seriously freaked out by this hat ! 

Pharrell never do this again. 

We know you are more fashionable than this. Send that hat back to wear you got it WITH the other one. 

And please no more tracksuits or white cuffed pants at awards shows. 

Love, Joonbug