Tailored Avenue Launches The Perfect Part!
Travis Shevlin and Tailored Avenue celebrated the launch of their debut product, "The Perfect Part", and GlamDamnIt was there!
Travis Shevlin was all smiles this past Saturday night as he and a squirm of ecstatic guests celebrated the launch of Tailored Avenue's debut product, "The Perfect Part". He and the rest of the bunch cozied up to some well deserved cocktails at Ainsworth Park in Lower East Side, Manhattan. 

If you're not familiar with Tailored Avenue, then get familiar quick. Founder, Travis Shevlin, developed the men's fashionstyle, and lifestyle site in the comfort of his New York apartment just last year. The site serves as an incubator for inspiring bold, confident attitudes, as well as introducing revolutionary men's grooming and styling products. It's no wonder that today, Travis is the man responsible for showing modern men everywhere how to craft the perfect part. With Tailored Avenue's "easy-to-use spin on a classic comb" you get a perfect straight line every time. 
We caught up with Travis as he made his way through a bustling crowd. Delighted and humbled, he was thankful for where he's been and excited for whats to come in the near future.

"I can't believe this is happening, it's been a seven-month journey where I went form nothing and now I'm here with a hundred and something people at a launch party. Im really excited about what the future holds for me.-- to give the world 'The Perfect Part'."-- Travis Shevlin (Founder, Tailored Avenue)
If this launch gives us any insight into the future, one thing's for certain, Tailored Avenue and "The Perfect Part" are here to stay, taking men from "average Joe" to "handsome devil". One part at a time.

Check out first hand how The Perfect Part works here!