Exclusive! Interview with Celeb Stylist Kimberly V
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With her ability to create an efortlessly chic esthetic, Kimberly V is one of the most sought after stylists on the scene. The New York born mastermind is original, fresh and able to  incorporate a personal touch to every look. She also sports the most amazing client list featuring Jay Leno, David Letterman, Chelsea Lately, Usher, Drake, Keri Hilson, Ne-yo, Jordin Sparks to name a few.  And from such an eclectic list, it is easy to see that she is able to capture and array of personalities and cater to all types of, well, types!

Joonbug wsa fortunate enough to  interview this "one woman show" to find out her fave celeb styles, the best looks for this Valentines Day, and her stylist stories! 

As you know, we are pretty deep in awards season…what award looks are your favorite so far? Why?

Lupita Nyong'o at the Golden Globes in Ralph Lauren & Matthew  McConaughey in green velvet tux from Dolce & Gabbana for Golden Globes

What is your favorite current trend? Do you have any tips on how to get the look? 

My Favorite trends right now are Midriff Everything! Tops, Braletts etc.! Midriffs tops are a great Segway to Day to Night looks. It’s flirty and chic while still being playful at the same time. It could be paired with a pencil skirt or Trouser or cute shorts. I use them often on clients I work with. 

Do you incorporate your client’s personal style and quirks into your outfits?

 Yes! It’s a must. That’s what keeps their look authentic.

Fashion Week is coming. Do you have any predictions of trends we might see on the runway?

 Definitely a lot of strong crease & pleats in RTW. School Girls pleats are slowly peaking back into the scene. I even see them in Jackets and pants as well. Very chic overall!

Valentine’s Day is also fast approaching! What is your staple date night outfit?

 Everyone might not wear my staple date night outfit. But I love my vintage 70’s Halston inspired sheer wrap dress with sexy undergarments. The way it drapes like a modern day toga is classic and a bit daring because of the sheer element.

Being a hot name in the styling business for so long, you must have some “styling” stories! What is your best/worst stylist story? 

My best was stylist/costume designing for Keri Hilson’s Video PRETTY GIRL ROCK; it was a timepiece inspired video. We channeled every icon from the 1920’s – 2000’s from Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, TLC, and Janet Jackson, to Diana Ross was simply a dream. The worst was when an assistant showed up on set wearing a sample that I pulled for a client and thought I wouldn’t realize it. Simply horrible. I’ve never experience anything like that in my life.


What do you think is the best accessory an outfit can have? 

Shoes, Hair & make-up. Those are important elements that complete al looks. If a have a casual all black look on, weather it’s legging with an Alexander Wang T or a simple jumpsuit. With no hair or make-up I could look homeless. With hair and Make-up I could immediately look cool and chic. In my opinion

 Is there a fashion trend you would like to see evaporate?

Full leather Outfits that I’ve seen a lot of men doing.  Everyone is wearing these flamed, gothic, graphic tees that’s was inspired by Givenchy. It’s over kill at this point. At the beginning it was fresh, new & different.

 Do you have tips and advice for aspiring stylists? 

My advice is to study the Greats that paved the way. And work under a stylist that wants you to elevate your career. Remain humble and be patience.

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