FASHION NEWS NOW: Brit Awards 2014
The Best Dressed at the 2014 Brit Awards! Beyonce, Katy Perry,& More!

As New yorkers brave the cold and eagerly await a blissfull spring, a slew of your favorite stars gathered across the pond for the 2014 Brit Awards, which took place in London on Feburay 19th, and Glam Damnit is bringing you the bes dressed of the evening including Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, One Direction, and Katy Perry.

Rita Ora made a splash in a bright lemon-yellow gown with bejeweled trim on the straps. she posed with a dapper Calvin Harris is was welcomed contrast in an all black suit. 

















The boys of One Direction definitely were the best dressed guys at the awards. These guys rocked the tailored look, and did well mixing black with pops of print and pattern. Out of the group, we give it up to Zayn Malik, who stands out in a fitted black blazer, long at the back and paired with a printed neck scarf.



















Kylie Minogue was a beauty in Leather and Bows!































Sequin was a staple at the 2014 Brit Awards. Lily Allen stepped it up in a long black sequin gown accented with a spicy pony-tail dip-dyed bright yellow.































Former "Pussycat Doll", Nicole Scherzinger left the dress at home and opted for a leather crop-top paired with a leather harness, bolero blazer and tapered slacks.

































Ellie Goulding was princess for the night in a fairytale-like pale pink number. Check out her performance of "I Need your Love / Burn"! 

































We could have done with out the lipstick, but we're kind of digging Jessie J's shimmering skin-toned body-suit, which leaves very little to the imagination. 





































Iggy Azalea was the "Lady in red", looking drop-dead gorgeous in a curvaceous gown in bright red. 
































Inside, Beyonce dazzeled in a sparkling blue sequin gown, fit for a "Queen B" as she belted at her hit "XO" at Brit awards.

































Katy Perry took the stage to perform "Dark Horse" . The singer channeled Cleopatra in a bright technicolored tribal inspired body suit. The singer was a tribal beauty again in a Fall/Winter 2014 dress from designer, Julien McDonald. 















Staying in theme with a night seemingly all about sparkle. Lorde twinkled in a a long black gown and matching lipstick to perform her mega-hit "Royals".