Patricia Field to Pull Out of Sex and The City Sequel?
Carrie becomes a ‘recessionista’

Just when you thought you were safe the Sex and the City frenzy is set to hit again when filming for the second movie begins. Expect leaked storylines and, more importantly, leaked photos of Carrie and her much-anticipated outfits; but, if the rumors are true, we won’t be seeing any more of super-stylist Patricia Field’s high fashion ensembles.

It’s been suggested that SJP wants to turn Carrie from a fashionista into a recessionista; a notion that’s not been received to kindly by label-loving Field, who said in an interview with British magazine Grazia: “I don’t use the recession as a reference for my creativity.” It would be pretty sad to see the woman who turned Carrie Bradshaw into a fashion icon leave after so many years, but I can’t help thinking how fun it would be to see Carrie’s outfits on a budget. And I’m sure she’d work her style just as well in a pair of Payless shoes instead of Manolo’s