Street Style: Hannah from London
"The Indie look is completely unoriginal"

Name/Age: Hannah, 17
Hails From: London
Occupation: SVA Student

How would your describe you personal style?
Very eclectic.

What city has better fashion, New York or London?
I would say NYC. The style is more mature and androgynous; I prefer it to London’s more wild style.

Who is your style icon?
Erin Wasson, I LOVE her!

Where is your favorite place in the city to hang out?
I spend most nights at 1 Oak.

What’s the accessory that you never go without?
My YSL boots, I literally wear them everyday. I can’t live without them!

What trend do you absolutely hate?
I hate the whole Indie look because it’s completely unoriginal.

What is the soundtrack to your summer?
Right now I’m listening to a lot of Regina Spektor and Laura Marling. I just saw Regina in London before I came here.

What is she wearing?
Shirt: Joie
Shorts: cutoff’s of her sisters 7 Jeans
Boots: Yves Saint Laurent
Jewelry : all vintage