Surprise And Delight At Timo Weiland
Designer tells the story of classic pieces

Timo Weiland told a story of yesteryear and brought the simple styles of classic America to the stage as fresh designs in a noteworthy installation. The style of the tweed skinny pant alongside a matching jacket illustrated the designer's talent for superb craftsmanship while skillfully designing for an audience as well as plotline. In mixing the natural colors of browns and grays, Weiland sought to give a bit of humor to his collection with a juxtaposed full-on red suit designed as a eye-popping centerpiece.

Accessories were also a focus of this downtown-styled presentation. Weiland provided contrast with black fedoras juxtaposed to stark-white Oxford shirts, as well as situating the tear-drop shaped pockets with bright red flowers to soften the image. Carefully draped circular scarves added an appeal for the winter line while curious pot-shaped hats drew the eye to selected models. Headpieces fed the appetite as Weiland's models rotated in and out of the installation in a multi-selection of fabrics and designs.