Fashion Group International LA's "The Designer and The Muse" Fashion Week Kick-Off Party
A night of tremendous fun, but where were the fashion 'stand outs?"

Designers of reputation and those somewhat lesser known, were present at Fashion Group International's, ‘The Designer and The Muse' fashion week kick- off party, at the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA last Wednesday.

The theme of the party took its inspiration from creative partnerships, such as that of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, with each designer taking to the red carpet, accompanied by a celebrity, friend, or as in the case of a few, themselves as muses.

Natalie Cole, muse for designer Lloyd Klein, looked quite the jewel of the party, in a floor skimming, emerald green chiffon (a Lloyd Klein creation). Whilst designer Althea Harper -ex Project Runway- her own muse, kept things low key in a black structured jacket with futuristic leather/cotton leggings, by her own label. Other designers in attendance included the man who invented 1950's sophistication-James Galanos -whom we discovered, true to form, had impeccable manners, excusing himself profusely for not letting us step onto the escalator before him - and the impeccably turned out, if heavily adorned, Sue Wong.

Although, this was not a night for any major fashion ‘stand outs' in our opinion, the party was a laid back, fun, affair. As Joonbug retired for the evening, we observed designer Mike Vensel and his Megan Fox double muse -model Alexis Knapp-playing a game of pool in the hotel lobby.

All in all, people appeared to be having a great time, which as we know, is the real definition of a good party.

* Photos courtesey of Stefhan Gordon