Anna Wintour Reads Blogs, Has A Favorite Bar & Talks More FNO
A little FNO promotion/interview tells us what we've all been dying to know.

It’s humorous to think of Vogue’s Anna Wintour reading Tavi’s blog, or any blog besides Vogue.com, at her desk every morning – or during a slow day at the office. But, in a recent interview, where Wintour chatted with Opening Ceremony’ Humberto Leon, about Fashion’s Night Out, she confesses to reading blogs, being disappointed her favorite sunglasses store was turned into a wine shop and says she owns an iPad. She admits to blog-cruising in a modest “of course I do” way, but as expected, directs her answer to Vogue’s online website. Even more shocking: we never have been the ones to imagine Anna as a drinker, in fact we thought she’d frown on anything that would get her loose, but she lists the Ritz as the best hotel bar. Interesting.  Something we can now imagine her and Barack Obama doing frequently together.

Majority of the interview discusses Wintour’s anticipation for this year’s Fashion’s Night Out - she deems the upcoming event as a fantasy one. She hopes, more so expects, retailers and consumers to creatively celebrate fashion, bigger and bigger, each year.