What We Missed This Week: Anna & Marc Do TV, Kate Moss Attacked & More
The news that is buzzing throughout the New York fashion scene..

The days leading up to fashion week seem to be the most hectic. In addition to the Joonbug team preparing for shows and our own event with ELLE Style 360, the industry has made headlines with some of the most shocking news yet - which makes us not only anxious for what's to come, but curious to see how influential fashion is over all markets. This week, we witnessed the following:

Kate Moss Attacked at LAX: It's flattering to see an iconic figure within the fashion industry become a center of attention, glamour and admiration. However, this week brought the curse of being famous to former supermodel Kate Moss. Moss and her daughter were caught on camera being ambushed by paparazzi at LAX this week, while the two waited for car service. Moss, under heavy stress and discomfort, attempted to use her luggage carrier in self-defense before being escorted by airport security to take cover behind a check-in counter until her van arrived. Disregarding onlookers' disgust, paparazzi continued to block Moss' path to her van, briefly stopping the van from moving once she was in. The result? Well, publicity, of course - yet, California has passed a bill - which will be final as a law once governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs it - 43-10, will fine photographers if they break traffic laws and/or interfere with the operation of a celebrity's car. Photographers can also face up to one year in prison. Moss' video of being hounded at LAX was used as a key exhibit in the hearing. The date of the passing of the bill marked the 13th anniversary of Princess Diana's death - caused by a car accident after being chased by paparazzi. As traumatizing as Moss' encounter may be, the industry will miss her tremendously as she prepares for her last Topshop collection this October.

Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs Go On Jimmy Fallon: With designer Marc Jacobs' dry humor and a poised posture from Vogue's Anna Wintour, the two made an awkward unforgettable appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote the upcoming Fashion's Night Out events. Appearing on public television alone shows Wintour's dedication to form the fashion industry as one of the leading contributors to economic relief. She was also kind enough to go off-subject and discuss Lady Gaga and her relationship with God at the Met Gala. Marc Jacobs--well, Marc Jacobs was there as Anna's wingman to testify about his dedication to Vogue - throughout severe medical issues - and express his interest in stand-up comedy. The two discussed Fashion's Night Out's biggest public runway show, which is expected to host over one hundred supermodels, and its sold out tickets (to be covered live by Vogue's Andre Leon Talley and Hanneli Mustaparta on cbs.com) - in addition to musical chairs and bingo at Barney's throughout the event. After 18 months of planning, and one Fashion's Night Out event under her wing, Wintour became lively as she boasted about Fashion's Night Out expansion throughout America, the UK and Europe. Anna's biggest fear: not beginning the largest public-staged fashion show on time.

With Felipe Oliviera Baptista named the Creative Director for Lacoste, Candy Pratt Price recruited as a contributor for the soon-to-be relaunched vogue.com and Victoria Beckham nominated for a British Fashion Council Award (along with being deemed as the one to watch on Twitter this fashion week) all this week, it seems fall has formed to be the perfect season to do a little adjusting, extra promotion and spending for fashion - fully prepping us all for what we've asked for all along. Please continue to check-in with the Joonbug site and our Twitter for Fashion's Night Out events and coverage, fashion week reviews and after-party updates.