Catching Up With Celeb Designer Mark Wong Nark
And his fashion muse Michele Brickman

With fall fast approaching it seemed only appropriate that I touch base with our favorite, celebrity fashion designer Mark Wong Nark to see what's in store for us this fall and winter season.

Tom Mark is the man behind the infamous Mark Wong Nark line. He has styled everyone from Kim Kardashian to Carmen Electra to Cameron Diaz. Currently, he’s working on the debut of his fall and winter fashion that will be hitting LA boutiques and Nordstrom’s department stores soon.

I caught up with Tom at a photo shoot with model Michele Brickman.  Mark handpicked Brickman to showcase his fall and winter clothing line because, as he puts it, “She has the most vivacious curves.” He went on to say, “Michele has that “It” quality about her.” Tom likens Brickman to Kim Kardashian, another famous client of his. "I can just see Michele blowing up big time. From the minute I met her I thought stardom."  

Brickman, for her part, is no stranger to fashion. “I grew up in Beverly Hills and have been attending fashion shows since I was a little girl.  I love everything about them: the clothes, the lights, the models.” Brickman continues, “It really is an art.”

After graduating from college, Brickman went on to study that art at FIDM, never expecting that her studies in fashion would lead her to a modeling career.

It was through word of mouth in the fashion industry that Brickman met Tom. “After being introduced to his line through another fashion industry friend, I just really wanted to meet him. I had no idea he’d ask me to model for him. It really was an honor.”

Once I saw Brickman at the photo shoot in Tom’s designs, it was clear to me why Tom picked her. She embodies the essence of the Mark Wong Nark line. She's stunningly beautiful without really trying. Why does Brickman think Tom’s had the success he’s had styling celebrities?“ He’s great at accentuating a woman’s curves while managing to make everything else look small.” Brickman continues, “You really feel sexy in his dresses without feeling overexposed.”

As the photographer shot Brickman, I managed to get in a few questions for our celebrity designer.  What can we expect from the Mark Wong Nark line in the months to come? “Dresses. Cocktail dresses, evening gowns that are great for red carpet events or a dinner party with friends.” Do you need to be a celebrity to wear Mark Wong Nark's clothes? No. You may, however, need the pocket book.

As the photo shoot started to wind down, Brickman changed into her last look of the day, an elegant black dress. I asked Tom if we could expect to see Brickman modeling more of his designs. “Yes,” he responded without hesitation. “She is my muse.”

And what a muse Brickman is....

As for what's next for Tom Mark? A possible photo shoot with an A-list TV actress. Who? You'll just have to wait and see.