NYFW Pit Stop: What's Saving Us This Season
Check out what's making our fashion week season worthwhile.

Timo Weiland Presentation & After-Party: Timo Weiland showed a spunky-prep collection Sunday at Lincoln Center - identifying with adventurous yuppies everywhere through muted tones, color blocking and bold horizontal stripes. After the show, everyone headed to The Ohm to celebrate Weiland's showing, with Fashionista.com. With a live band, deejay and special sake drinks available, guests hardly noticed the damp change in weather when the party moved out onto the terrace. Weiland, being the great host that he is, showcased an impressive Spring 2011 video installation, while greeting pleased guests and posing for photographers.

Blogger Sensation: Blogs seem to pop-up overnight throughout fashion week, but nothing seems to beat the veterans. Famed bloggers Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast (who also modeled in Rebecca Minkoffs Spring 2011 show), have been taking over this weeks most coveted events, in full pristine style. We spotted the two at Lincoln Center after Charlotte Ronson, as Rumi showed off her adopted vintage meets model-off-duty look and Bryan, well, a new look involving a fresh cut of bangs he tweeted he purchased for under $30. The two can be seen here in an impromptu video-documentary, covering a day in the life with Bryan Boy.

Live Streams: Live streaming is in full effect this season, from some of today's leading New York designers. And though we sometimes get distracted by the oddly-placed cameras while watching a designer's presentation, we encourage those of you at not attending the shows to value your time not hailing cabs, catching trains and fighting through crowds at Lincoln Center, and opt to enjoy the shows from the comfort of your home. Visit the site of your favorite designer to check for viewing times. The next show: Marc by Marc Jacobs at 4pm EST, live.marcjacobs.com

Rich & Sultry with Georges Chakra: Edition by Georges Chakra wasn't the typical show we'd expected. There weren't too many pieces we'd throw on for a normal day out, but we did see plenty of visual aesthetics we'd like to try. Chakras showed a battle between asymetrical and symmetrical for frocks and gowns - some bedazzled, some fringed down the waist and hip, while the remaining looks sported an edgy elegance we once thought high-society would never want to wear. Our favorite? Chakra's utilization of metallic fabrics for a braiding technique for straps and seams down the back of gowns. The gown and the metallic fabric we'd opt out of, but a braided seam for a DIY project? Definitely.

Fashion Week Goodies: Generally, there is a plethora of available freebies throughout fashion week - beyond magazines. The best we've seen thus far: a YSL wristlet-tote hosting their Manifesto magazine. For the celebration of the release to their seventh edition of Manifesto, a handful of YSL girls passed out 2,000 of the YSL goodies (magazine and wristlet-tote) on Tuesday. But, it doesn't just stop at New York Fashion Week; the company plans to distribute more of the goodies in Hong Kong, Milan, Tokyo, London and Beirut September 18th. Check out yslmanifesto.com for more info.