Boston Fashion Week: Swap 'Til You Drop
The Swapaholics Make Their Mark with Low Cost and Fashion High

The Swapaholics took over Boston last Thursday night, this time at the Center for Arts at the Armory in Somerville. Local fashion lovers came out in droves to scavenge through the 20-plus racks of goodies that the Swapaholics gals had carefully selected for them.  To get in, each attendant had to bring a bag of unwanted items-- dresses that never got enough face time, shoes that were just a tad too small, a scarf that never seemed to go with anything, and POOF! After a little friendly pushing and rummaging, participants left with "new" clothes, all without spending more than the cost of a ticket.  

Swaps are the ultimate reward for cleaning out your closet and diligently getting rid of clean items in great shape that no longer work. Old clothes become new again and the remaining lot is donated to charity, which means swaps are both a community and a green venture.  They are also a great place to meet like-minded fans of fashion and a terrific place to get your creative juices flowing by pairing items together you might not have paired before.  The evening's festivities even included a fashion show walked by Boston’s fashion bloggers who sported outfits culled entirely from swap finds that had been styled on the spot.

Partners Melissa Massello of Shoestring Magazine and Amy Lynn “Punky” Chase of Haberdash Vintage decided to take the idea of clothing swaps to the next level once they realized how truly useful and fun they could be. The girls announced at the Boston swap that they would soon be joining forces with Swap.com to bring online swapping of women’s clothing and accessories to the masses. 

The Swapaholics pride themselves on creating swaps that feel inclusive—all types of people are welcome to attend, from the self-proclaimed fashion diva to the new mom who wants to trade in her rarely-used party dresses for some functional daywear.  “Shopping for beautiful things should be accessible to everyone,” says Punky.