A Girl's Right to Options
The purses that all offer something different for the San Francisco girl on the move.

These days a girl likes options.  Whether you’re in need of something more compact or something more durable and able to hold your essentials, there is a growing array of choices available.  And as the wise man once said, “Switching your purse up each day keeps the boredom away.”

Mixing Business with Pleasure

For those days where you’re multi-tasking, as is often the case in San Francisco, the bicycle bags are very appropriate.  The best part is that they can go with a myriad of different outfits because these purses tend to work best when kept simple.





Get in Touch with The Clutch

The clutch is back and ready for action!  While the love for oversized purses is not a passing fad, clutches are making their mark and are out in full force in all different wonderful shapes and sizes.  Great earthy tones ranging from dark brown to grays are simply all the rage.  Popular textures, such as animal-friendly faux fur, are also popping up to add a bit of flair.




Print This

Adding a little print to your outfit is never a bad thing.  It shows you know how to tune up an outfit without going overboard.  There’s no shortage right now of funky purses to spruce up your look, whether you’re looking for a simple plaid or a bold animal print.