The Gap Gives Away 10,000 Pairs of Jeans!
Plus, New Facebook app may score you major promotions from your favorite stores.

As part of a new Facebook API location feature, announced today by Mr. Zuckerberg himself, Gap will be giving away lots of free loot.

The new application will allow shoppers to "check in" at a Gap location (on a certain date, yet to be disclosed) and as a thank you, the first 10,000 checked-in shoppers will be rewarded with a free pair of Gap jeans. After the first 10,000, the remaining shoppers to check in will receive 40% off a pair of jeans. The new Facebook feature will be similar to Foursquare, which also doles out promotions. However, with the coming launch of this new feature, scoring a great deal at your favorite retailer may just be a click away.