What A Lush!
Best friend-based KB.LuSH is so much more than 'basic' jewelry.

“Basic Bitches" are a hot new friendship bracelet. No, not the kind that you made in camp or twisted together with colored yarn- it’s part of a glammed-up line of demin bracelets created by co-designers and best friends, Stephanie Hroncic and Kim Brady of KB.LuSH.

The B.F.F.s had been using denim hems as bracelets for years, wrapping the extra material around their wrists and mixing them with bangles and other bracelets. With so many compliments on their unique personal style, they branched out their business. “We started making jewelry out of recycled denim that we had along with fabric trims, buttons and other vintage, unique pieces of jewelry or brooches that we had laying around our house,” says Stephanie.

“'Basic bitches' are the new Silly Bandz- but classier,” their website boasts, and any fashionista would have to agree. The adorable denim bracelets feature a variety of beautiful broaches, decorative trims and colorful accents, ready to be stacked, mixed-and-matched or worn alone. But “basic” is not all that KB.LuSH can offer in their line. "Denhems" are the denim hems that are "embellushed" by studding and can be worn as wrist wraps and headbands, "chic-y bastards" are more elaborate, one-of-a-kind pieces with names like “KB. Toys ‘R’ LuSH,” “Let Them Eat Cake” and “A LuSH in Wonderland.” Another unique piece created by this duo is the micro-machine necklace.  “We saw our boyfriends' and brothers' [toy] cars just sitting around, not being used, and instantly thought, necklace!” they explain. “It was a perfect accessory for guys because it actually holds sentimental value and meaning- not to mention, it's fashionable and trendy for girls, too.  We call the necklace line "It's a Guy Thing!”

Although it is advised not to mix business with pleasure, the K.B. and S.H. of KB.LuSH say that it works for them. With similar style sensibilities and a "no-idea-is-a-bad-idea" policy, they are continuing to build a successful company with each other's best friend by their side.

The KB.LuSH jewelry collection is currently only available on their website, however they are looking to expand and hopefully find some interested retailers. “We haven't seen our type of jewelry anywhere else, and as exciting as it is to be one of the first to present denim in a whole new way, it's also difficult having retailers adapt to this trend because it's so new,” they say. “But, we try to push the fact that our pieces are very affordable, unique, vintage, clever and witty, fashion forward, recycled and handmade in America!”

Recently, KB.LuSH has formed a collaboration with Lorna Burford, the editor-in-chief of Denimblog.com, to create a limited edition bracelet which is beginning to be featured on the site. “Lorna loved our stuff just as much, so we decided to get together and work on something unique that we hope her fans appreciate!” Stephanie says. The bracelet will be featured on Lorna’s personal blog, as well as the KB.LuSH site.

Check out the sideshow below for some gush-worthy KB.LuSH pieces and visit KB.LuSH.com for complete merchandise info.