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Google launches online store

Shopping online can be much like those Bing.com commercials we have all seen. Your search for a python clutch may have you browsing National Geographic, rather than the likes of Michael Kors or Rebecca Minkoff. But thanks to Google, the mother of all search engines, this issue may be solved. Google has just launched a new e-commerce site that puts the fashion you love at your fingertips.

Presenting Boutiques.com: an interactive styling, profiling, trend-searching, wardrobe-enhancing website. Much like similar preceding sites, PolyvoreCouturious and Covet, Boutiques.com allows users to create an interactive profile, as well as browse and follow the “boutiques” of participating celebrities, bloggers, retailers or designers to find the hottest new addition to their closet.

I figured I would give this a try. As a new account member, Boutiques.com first guides you through a number of images for you to select that best represent your style. They asked me what kind of silhouettes I preferred, which colors I hate and which designers I adore, before critically analyzing my preferences. Voila! With the help of the latest online apparel technology, my very own personal boutique is created from which I can shop and share my preferences and favorites in clothing, shoes and accessories.

Surely an upgrade from just browsing Zappos or Amazon, Boutiques.com also allows its members to search for items according to their favorite trends. "Modern Military" and "Mad About Mad Men" are just a few examples of the online boutiques complied for what's in vogue today. In addition, cyber surfers can also shop the boutiques of their personal style icons, including Olivia Palermo, Carrie Mulligan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

With optional weekly emails for boutique and product suggestions, and the ability to browse and style with any item you can find on the web, Boutiques.com is not just a retail site. You have the ability to share your personal boutiques with the whole online fashion community, and gain followers and admirers who can shop from the items you have hand selected.

Be warned: If you have a little time to kill, it's easy to get wrapped up in the fun of cyber styling. It may just be a budding fashionista's new best friend.