Holiday Gifts That'll Make Merry
Boston Designer & Stylist Amanda Maciel Antunes Shares Her Favorite Stores


I caught up with Amanda Maciel Antunes, owner of d.aMa design to ask her about where to go to find great gifts on a budget and what kinds of things make the best gifts.  We took a tour of her most loved stores to find some covetable items perfect for giving.

d.aMa’s favorite stores:


Davis Square

22A College Avenue Davis Square, MA 02144 (617) 776-3708

Known for its ever-changing and eclectic array of vintage clothing and collectibles, this is the place if you are looking for a one-of-a kind-gift for the fashion-lover in your life.  Hats, purses, necklaces, cowboy boots and coats “would all make for unique and stylish gifts.”

Urban Outfitters Bargain Basement

Harvard Square

11 J.F.Kennedy Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 864-0070

A mainstay for over a decade, the basement can be a goldmine, especially if you make a point to go often—you never know what will end up down here.  “I’ve found a majority of my fashion books here, which have been marked down considerably.  I’ve also found lovely sweaters, accessories and house wares, all of which would make great gifts.”

Black Ink

Harvard Square

5 Brattle Street, Cambridge (617) 497-1221

This store is “known for its unusual mix of things you don’t need but simply have to have.”  You can spend a good hour here pouring over every little container and shelf of lovely little trinkets and tchotchkes.  They also carry Hobo clutches, sheets of stylish wrapping paper that look like vintage wallpaper, cards, dishes, teapots, toys and beautiful books.


Boston’s South End

623 Tremont St Boston, MA 02118-1676 (617) 247-6969

This store is adorable and so well-curated.  Like Black Ink, the assortment of items can range from silly to high-end style with everything in between.  “They carry terrific graphic t-shirts, cute plastic rings, scarves, books, you name it—a little of everything, things the people you are buying for will love to look at every day.”