Fashion Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2011
Boston Bloggers Discuss Their Favorites

Last Friday, Fashion Group International hosted a showing of trends for the Spring/Summer 2011 season at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  On the panel were many of Boston’s influential up-and-coming fashion bloggers: Amanda Maciel Antunes, Samantha Chu, Liana Krupp, Jimmy Guzman, Cassandra Knight and Austyn Ellese Mayfield.  After watching a helpful and beautiful FGI film showcasing the upcoming spring/summer looks, the blogger panel discussed trends they most look forward to seeing when the weather turns warm again.


Antunes is most excited by the physical freedom that comes with dressing in styles from the 70s—although all the panelists agreed the 70s fit and flare look is one vintage trend best left in the past.  To incorporate a 70s vibe into your look, add a piece with a fun flowery pattern or a shirt or dress with lots of drape. 

Color Theory

Chu is a proponent for incorporating the color that was everywhere in the video, from cappuccino to chartreuse to black.  Bostonians lean toward dark colors, so you'll certainly stand out if you add something as simple as a brightly hued scarf, blazer, or daring lipstick color.

Mystery Woman

Knight is all for the below the knee and mid-calf looks that were all over the runway, and believes leaving something up to the imagination is truly sexy. Don’t be afraid to keep a little skin under wraps; try a long skirt paired with an off-the-shoulder top, or try a maxi dress.

Dance Fever

Krupp is encouraged by the flamboyance and frivolity of the current disco revival. Try dressing for a party in high-waisted pants with a colorful or sequined tank paired with a platform sandal.

White Heat

Mayfield is excited by the white shirts that showed up over and over again—both boxy and fitted-- and say they provide an “excellent blank canvas” for any outfit.  A white shirt will be useful in your wardrobe for years to come paired with anything from jeans to tuxedo pants.

Rebel Rebel

Guzman is in love with punk details from shredded fabric to safety pins that showed up in an array of collections.   Punk best translates into the real world of Boston in the form of a funky zippered jacket or in some spikey metal jewelry.

The Boston bloggers panel was in compete agreement about Boston fashion—there IS good fashion here that goes far beyond fleece, baseball hats, and Uggs-- you just have to keep your eye out for it.  Better yet, if you live here, take any one of these upcoming trends, be it color or punk or disco, and make it your own.