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First Look: Alexander McQueen

Is that a look from McQueen's final collection? Or is WWD just really badass for Twitpic'n.

What was supposed to be a strict no camera policy during the late designer's final presentation/memorial obviously could not withstand the outcry of eager fashionistas.

We see sparkles, we see flare, and there's a whole lot of volume in that collar. This couldn't be a nod back to Fall 2008, could it?

We'll keep you updated with photos as they come.

Paris Fashion Week: The Saviors?

Ann Demeulemeester: Ann didn't seem very "Ann" to us - which we blame on the feathers shown above. But, we will say that her drastic contrast between black and every other color designers didn't use this season red was strikingly approachable. Though, once dissected and sans styling expertise, will we still be in love with the bevy?

Junya Watanabe: Ridiculous hair set the pace at Junya Watanabe. Everything was chic military and green, but Junya differentiated from the rest though lengths and annoying technical detailing (that we actually liked). There was an extreme lack of femininity all around, but it served to intrigue us.

Paris Fashion Week: The Clean Side

With dedication to the cleaner side of things during Paris Fashion Week, we've chosen 3 looks that designers showed with less fuss. But, we wouldn't bet their entire bevy spoke in the same volume.

Celine: Phoebe Philo's return to fashion through Céline may ultimately be the best thing since Hedi Slimane at Dior. We love Philo's simplistic approach towards everything contrast. The labels Fall 2010 bevy was a bit fuzzy in material, partnered with contrast colors of navy, black and white. Patent leather-like pockets were dandily placed at the hems of cute, loose frocks and skirts.

Paris Fashion Week: The Details

Some of the most infliential designers who show during Paris Fashion Week took a look back into the designs that claimed their fame - or, at least to what they began designing after the fame came - but, does this really look into the future of fashion, or are we all being fooled...Again?

Balenciaga: To us, Balenciaga Fall 2010, was in reality Balenciaga 2007 through 2009. There wasn't anything innovative from Nicolas Ghesquiere this season, except a delicate quilted puff on what he may call outerwear and a overly designed hem that we may have seen seasons ago, walking down the Fendi catwalk. Let's not forget the Fall 2009 shoes, now available in different colors for Fall 2010 - with slight variations (think chunky block heels). Not too much change neccessary?

And Our Oscar Choices Are....

Typically, seeing who wears what to the Oscars becomes so pretentious and somewhat repetitive once starlets seem to let their dreadful stylists take over their sad little lives. But, last night there were a few hidden gems on the red-carpet as follows:

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten: Divine! Wait, is this from the Fall 2010 bevy? Review the prints again, please!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture: I'm still not too fond of SJP after her Halston stunt. However, her Chanel Spring 2010 Couture look for the Oscars was quite endearing. Fun Fact: She even wore the temporary Chanel tattoos to the event. Edgy much? Not so much for SJP (she's Carrie Bradshaw for goodness sakes), but she still gained a few fashion points from us.

EM & CO.
EM & Co: Versatility and Value

Em & Co is one of the most eclectic boutiques I have ever been to. Upon entering, there are cases on each side of shoes and jewelry presented in what feels like small nooks, surrounded by walls of clothing racks. Each designer carried in the store is a local type of designer and can range from business wear with an edge, or sophisticated and classy "going-out" clothing. Many of the items are adaptable from work to night, as Eveline, the owner said, "People are looking for versatility... and value." She has noticed that most people this season are definitely more price sensitive and looking a lot at dresses, probably for the versatility aspect, and that leggings are still definitely in!

Lohan On The Outs at Ungaro!

Thankfully, the gods of Balenciaga have answered everyone's prayers: Emanuel Ungaro showed in Paris today sans Lindsay Lohan. For we all know, she was inching her way into someone's design studio, with her atrocious fur coat in tow.

The great news? She wasn't even invited to the Ungaro show. Take that, Ms. Artistic Advisor.

Word on the runway is that Lohan may not have been carrying the title of Artistic Advisor, since as early as last week.

Her contributions to the label have gotten its spring bevy shunned from major department stores and prominent online shopping sites. However, we'll leave the digging of dirt to Nylon, who reported via Twitter:

JPG's Dreadful Target Bevy Selling Out?

Let's not fool each other any longer - let's all admit that Jean-Paul Gaultier's Target bevy is the most hideous thing since Kriss Van Acche signed his Dior Homme contract. Oops!

For us, nothing really adds up - neither the prints, the long hems, nor the bikini tops. Is this a matronly resort to, oh I don't know, Lamefest 2056 in Hawaii?

Regardless, it's all about the consumers, no? Because consumers are going crazy over these items, as a few have already sold out. Well, your grandmother's a-line printed skirt hasn't sold out. But, the motorcycle jacket, leggings, bikini tops and strained leather jacket have.

Pugh Not To Be McQueen's Successor?

Everyone is patiently waiting for Alexander McQueen's last collection to save the god awful Paris Fashion Week. But, even better, everyone is eager to see who will replace the late designer. Speculations pointed to Gareth Pugh and Olivier Theyskens. As if Theyskens can really do what McQueen did - we just all feel bad for him because he's unemployed. It looked like both the industry and the Gucci Group owner, PPR, all felt that Pugh had the potential to pull it off.

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