Philly: Your Weekend Party Guide

When: 9pm-2am

Where: McFadden’s 3rd street, 461 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia

When: 9pm-2am

Where: Room 12 Lounge, 1200 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

When: 9pm-2am

Where: Rumor Nightclub, 1500 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

When: 8pm-2am

Where: Warehouse 24, 1936 Macdade Blvd., Woodlyn

When: 4pm-7:45pm

Where: Cavanaugh’s River Deck, 417 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia

When: 12pm-1am

Where: Bourbon Blue, 2 Rector Street, Philadelphia

When: 10pm-2am

Where: Tantra Luxe Lounge, 246 Market Street, Philadelphia

Jersey: Your Weekend Party Guide

When: 11am-9pm

Where: D’Jais, 1803 Ocean Avenue, Belmar

When: 3pm-8pm

Where: Teplitzky’s, 111 South Chelsea Avenue, Atlantic City

When: 5pm-10pm

Where: Chandelier Room, 225 River Street, Hoboken

When: 4pm-8pm

Where: Bar Anticipation, 703 16th Ave, Belmar

When: 10:30pm-4am

Where: C5 at The Chelsea Hotel, 111 South Chelsea Avenue, Atlantic City

When: 10pm-4am

Where: Dusk, 2100 Pacific Avenue, Atlantic City

When: 4pm-11pm

Where: The Deck at Golden Nugget, Huron and Brigantine Blvd, Atlantic City

Members Only Whiskey Club Has More Security Than The President

1494, a whiskey club founded this past June, has found a home at a five-story Midtown West townhouse. The location: undisclosed.

1494 has grown to be one of the most prominent whiskey clubs in New York in its small time of existence. Its name is cleverly derived from the first written record of scotch whiskey’s distillation.

Club founder David Clelland explained to Commercial Observer that he goes out of his way to find rare whiskeys to keep his members pleased. This includes a 50-year old bottle of Macallan and a bottle of Black Bowmore. He also told the Commercial Observer, “We have sub-basement vaults, where we’re insured up to $5 million-worth of whiskey.” He also said that one of the five floors will be designated as “Where we hide all of our whiskey.”

[PICS] Mondrian SoHo Celebrates the Opening of Isola Trattoria

Last night, Mondrian SoHo welcomed its newest addition, Isola Trattoria and Crudo Bar in its breathtaking greenhouse room. The restaurant was inspired by the Italian Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily.

Michael Gross, CEO of Morgan’s Hotel Group, welcomed some familiar faces to the opening. Those who came out to celebrate included Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship, photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, and Du Jour founder Jason Binn.

With chandeliers and plants suspended from the glass ceiling, the restaurant’s atmosphere is captivating. However, the décor isn’t the only aspect to brag about. Chef Victor LaPlaca’s Italian menu features an abundance of seafood, creating an authentic Italian experience.

Stop by to chow down, and then drink up with over 100 bottles of wine from the Mediterranean that are available to savor. We have no doubt this gem will impress.

Greenwood Park Beer Garden Has Pissing Patrons and Pissed Neighbors

Greenwood Park Beer Garden opened its doors just last month, but the 700-person beer hall is already facing haste from neighbors. According to The Brooklyn Paper, one resident described the environment as “a mix of pee, cigarettes, and throw-up.”

Back in the planning phase, residents expressed their fears of the 13,000 square-foot bar and the company it would bring. Now, it is a reality, and neighbors are sick of the trouble. Another neighbor, Jack, told The Brooklyn Paper, “On any given night, we are witnessing public urination, sexual acts being performed, and drunks stumbling down the block.” Apparently 19th Street near Eighth Avenue has become a hotspot for fooling around in vehicles.

Shh: Murray Hill's $ecret Bar

It may be the entrance to a secret universe. Or an entrance to an awesome bar where all the decor is made of money. (We didn’t say it had to be real money.) Either way, we’re interested.

We're serious. Behind a broken ATM machine lays TheCashBar, an establishment at 58¾ East 34th Street with a speakeasy atmosphere. Once inside, you can expect walls covered in dollar bills, tables lined with coins, and portraits of iconic presidents throughout. The Victorian couches and decorations undeniably provide an upscale ambiance.

At a unique institution like this, you will definitely not be served in plain old cups. Your drinks will arrive in a teapot, or another form of an extravagant container for your enjoyment. Stop by for a taste of their themed cocktails and a chance to steal the “one million dollars” hidden in the decorations.

Meatpacking Market To Make Its Debut

We consider the Meatpacking District to be a frontrunner in nightlife. Let’s face it: At 4:30 am on any given day there are traffic jams from cabs full of rowdy party goers blocking the streets. Dozens of popular clubs line the streets within a few block radius, and more keep popping up. Later this summer, the Meatpacking Market will open, bringing in some daytime bustle.

Urban Space, the developer behind the Dekalb Market and other markets worldwide, is behind the project. According to its website, Urban Space’s philosophy is to “create a constantly varied ‘place’ which will become a vital part of the community and generate long-term economic value.”

Today in Drunken Stupidity: Man Willingly Has Friends Light Head On Fire

We know that alcohol makes people do stupid things, but having someone light your face on fire just reaches a new low. William Bonner, a 36-year-old man, made a bet with friends at an Augusta, Georgia bar that left him with second degree burns on his head and face.

According to witnesses, Bonner and the crew made a conscious effort to find a liquor that would easily catch fire once ignited. After searching, they chose Bacardi 151 to pull off the stunt.

This surveillance video captured the chaos that lasted around ten seconds. In it, you can clearly see Bonner bend over as his friend douses him in rum and another lights his head on fire. Bonner then frantically runs to be extinguished. Don’t try this at home. Ever.

Despite the stupidity exemplified by Bonner and his posse, we wish him a full recovery!

Want to Party with Timbaland at the Fontainebleu? Here's How!

Timbaland, world famous music producer and Grammy award winner, is turning away from music for his newest venture. Labor Day weekend, he will launch LeSUTRA, a premium sparkling liqueur in four fruity flavors.

"With all my years in the wine and spirits industry, I have come across many fledging brands. It is really rare to find a brand with so much potential and unique craftsmanship. From the recipe formula and luxury packaging to the marketing presence and overall impact of a partner like Timbaland, we have a champion in LeSUTRA.” says co-owner, Tom Bruno.

Meet Sammi 'Sweetheart' in Person!

We know who she is, we’ve seen her on Jersey Shore, and we can’t get enough of her! Now you have the opportunity to see her in person. On Saturday July 28, Sammi Giancola will be promoting Dangerous, her new fragrance for women.

The event will take place at 1:00pm at Ronnie’s Shore Store in the Bronx. This is the perfect opportunity for all her fans to come support her new endeavor!

WHAT: Sammi Giancola promotes DANGEROUS, her new fragrance.

WHEN: July 28TH, 2012

TIME: 1:00PM


Ronnie's Shore Store

1084 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456