New Yorkers Fight Back Against The Soda Ban

We don’t know about you, but we feel that if someone wants a 20 oz. sugary soda every once in a blue moon, perhaps to mix with their liquor of choice, they should be entitled to have one. The Bloomberg administration is still trying to take away this enjoyment that this fulfills for us New Yorkers.

The plan, which would go into effect next March, prohibits the sale of drinks or bottles larger than 16 oz. that contain sugary substances. As of now this stipulation does not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks, or alcoholic drinks. It also does not affect drinks sold in supermarkets or convenience stores.

Bia: New Vietnamese Style Bar in Brooklyn

We are always on the lookout for new bars that have a unique feel. Sometimes we get sick of the typical, cookie cutter bar, as we’re sure you all do too at times.

South Williamsburg has just welcomed Bia, a restaurant and bar that provides a distinct atmosphere due to its vintage décor. Named after the Vietnamese word for beer, Bia offers a wooden rooftop with picnic tables and lawn chairs, creating a backyard in the suburbs-like sentiment. The venue was last used as an auto repair shop, so some of its detail has remained the same, and we like it. It adds something special when a degree of preservation takes place. It tells a story.

A full menu will be available soon to enjoy for brunch and dinner, but until then, it’s worth stopping by for a taste of one of the dozens of on tap beers, the house wine, or, a specialty cocktail. See you there!

Shuffleboard Bar Faces Haste From Nearby Residents

For those of you who don’t know, Royal Palms, an 18 lane shuffleboard bar, is scheduled to open next spring in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It was founded upon the idea of a fun, nostalgic environment for those who are older, and a new, exciting game for the younger crowd.

Unfortunately, neighbors of the club fear that the venue, a 17,000 square foot warehouse, will offer a heavy amount of noise pollution due to the availability of booze and live music.

Posters have been put up along the street highlighting the extent of the neighbors’ unhappiness. Now, owners Jonathan Schnapp and Ashley Albert, are fighting back to appease those who are apprehensive. Schnapp told Caroll Gardens Patch, “We aren’t planning on having drinking games or anything disgusting and fratty like that. I don’t know where that rumor even came from.”

La Marina: Manhattan's New Waterfront Hotspot

As we all know, views from NYC are beautiful (at times,) but nothing beats looking out on the water WHILE being in Manhattan. For many centuries, Dyckman Marina has been known as a haven for prestigious Manhattan residents for their summer estates and yachts. The time has finally come for a new experience in this exquisite location: La Marina.

La Marina offers a restaurant, bar, lounge, and beach on over 75,000 square feet of waterfront territory. From those who attended the soft opening a couple weeks ago, the reviews were ecstatic. The restaurant is still working on finishing its full menu, but in the meanwhile simply having a cocktail in this breathtaking space should suffice.

Get Ready for MoMA PS1 Warm Up

Saturdays in the summer for MoMA PS1 means more than just art for the eye. It means interactive experiences for the ears as well. Each Saturday of the summer for the past 15 years has been filled with live music, performances, and DJs at MoMA PS1’s lively courtyard. The music series, titled Warm Up, has grown to be one of the most prominent summer events in New York City. Not only does it draw local crowds, but also it attracts attention from tourists hailing all from over the globe.

This year, Warm Up will run from July 7 to September 8 and each show will be unique to ensure satisfactory experiences for its regular guests. Check out the awesome lineup below and make sure you don’t miss out on your favorites!

See 'Swanky Tunes' in Action at Whisper

House music DJs seem to be all anyone can talk about lately. In case you haven’t heard, Swanky Tunes is thought by many to be the next big name in the industry.

In 2006 and 2007 Swanky Tunes was named “Best Musical Group” at the Russian Dance Music Awards, and they are now ranked #14 of the Top 100 DJs of Russia. Additionally, their tracks and remixes have been issued by multiple record labels including Refune, Mixmash, and Spinnin’ Records. If you want to listen to some of their work, check out their website, they're the real deal.

P.J. Clarke's 'Unfairly' Fires Popular Bartender After Altercation

A man walks into a bar, has one too many cocktails, gropes a few women, and is then asked to leave. That’s the proper reaction right? Apparently not.

Doug Quinn, known by many as the “Bartender of your Dreams” at P.J. Clarke’s got the boot from his manager after asking an older gentleman to leave. It appears that the man was making women uncomfortable, so the 6 foot 2 bartender felt it was his duty to step in. Instead of encouraging the misbehaving man to leave, the manager snubbed Quinn, and continued to bring the man into the dining room for a complimentary meal. The next day, another manager informed Quinn that he had been terminated.

A bartender tries to be a gentleman and this is what he gets. Although we are sorry, we have no doubt that Quinn will find a new home in the VERY near future.

Trump SoHo Takes On New Ultra Lounge

Trump SoHo has not had the best luck in the nightlife department. Miami brought Quattro, an Italian cucine, and Kastel, an ultra lounge, which kicked the bucket. Now Kastel is being replaced by Bartelier, a new ultra lounge. But hey, third time is a charm right?

Eater broke news that Nick Haque, the mastermind behind the hugely successful Koi Restaurant in Los Angeles, is not only bringing a branch of Koi to Trump SoHo, but is also taking on the Bartelier project in hopes to add his notorious flair to the nightclub environment.

Bowery To Get Its Very Own Retro Arcade

When you need a night off from the bar scene, a brand spankin new retro arcade sounds like a fantastic solution. Although we don’t know much, Bowery Boogie has informed us that Two-Bits Retro Arcade has posted its flashy sign at its home, 153 Essex Street.

After being closed for a year and recently reopening, the nearby Chinatown Fair Arcade will face competition from Two-Bits.

Although we don’t know what the new arcade will entail, its logo of a quarter with a Mohawk stating “In Games We Trust” looks intriguing.

We don't know about you, but we can't wait until more details of the joint are uncovered. We'll keep you posted!

CB3 Approves 221 East Broadway Bar Proposal

Community members of the surrounding area have finally made a decision regarding the controversial proposal for a bar at 221 East Broadway. After a 26-11 vote in favor of the bar, The Lo-Down has reported that obtaining a liquor license for the space will now be pursued.

The bar will feature open windows, which are only permitted to remain open until 9pm. This stipulation was added due to the bar’s location in a fairly residential area. There will also be a full menu offered until its closing at 4am.