With 10 Grammy Nominations Eminem Completes

The Grammy Nominations were announced earlier this week. Like most Grammy years there were few surprises, what did surprise most was the man who came away with the most nominations.

That's right, Eminem. Slim Shady himself has his name in most catagories, except for maybe Country. As we've seen that doesn't necessarily mean he will win them all, not with the likes of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift out there. The fact he was able to come out of the hole he was in, and pull himself together to make such an incredible album, and put his name back up there with the nominees speaks volumes about the "The Real Slim Shady"!

What Has Happend To Hip Hop Music???

I don't like change. And while I'm an adult and have come to accept that change is enevitable and nothing is forever, good and bad. I can not forsee for the life of me the music industry especially my beloved hip hop getting any better any time soon. Don't get me wrong there are a handful of legends still around.
For this particular article I'm going to focus on the hip hop industry. You have your Jay Z, Eminem legends in the game. Then you have guys like Dr. Dre who are still constantly working behind the scenes ( Eminem's Relapse, and Recovery album as well as songs off 50's album) but don't drop an album but every 10 years. After that what do you have ?
Lil Wayne who is upper class as far as hip hop goes these days, but guys like him and T.I., who I believe to be one of the best pure lyricest today, don't really focus on music. They would rather keep it real or jump to movies or try some other medium. As a hip hop fan this is frustrating because I can remember N.W.A. or Ice Cube coming out with records every 6 months ! Now it seems we have to wait a year and a half sometimes just to get something new.