Generation Diva

"To be born woman is to know … that we must labour to be beautiful." - Yeats

It’s not an unknown fact that kids growing up in today’s society are beauty-obsessed. They are a larger part of Generation Diva, if you will. What does surprise me however is a study Newsweek has recently conducted concerning just how “beauty conscious” our American society is; especially our youth.

Girls in today’s society seem to be salon vets before they have the chance to enter elementary school. With numerous salons that pinpoint and cater to the sixteen and below age range, not only in NYC but in large cities around the country as well, we find Five year olds not indulging in spa days and pedicure parties. Not just for a little princess birthday fiesta but on a regular basis. These same Five year olds are getting mommies or nannies to book $50 hair cut appointments, with $150 highlights every three weeks becoming the standard by high school.

March 31st CD Releases

The Answer Everyday Demons
Sarazin Blake The Air Your Lungs Forced Out
Bow Wow New Jack City II
Burn Halo Burn Halo
Leonard Cohen Live In London
Billy Ray Cyrus Back To Tennessee
Gavin DeGraw Free
Steve Forbert The Place And The time
Gomez A New Tide
Diana Krall Quiet Nights
Chrisette Michele Epiphany
Ministry Adios... [Live]
Marie Osmond Seasons
Pansy Division That's So Gay
Peter Bjorn & John Living Thing
Prince LOtUSFLOW3R/MPLSoUND [Target exclusive]
Flo Rida R.O.O.T.S. (Routes Of Overcoming the Struggle)
Queensryche American Soldier
thenewno2 You Are Here
UGK UGK 4 Life
Keith Urban Defying Gravity
WAND [James Jackson Toth project] Born Bad [Vinyl-only release]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's Blitz!

Louis Vuitton On The Moon

Word on the street is that the second man to step foot on the moon is the new hip-kid cast in Louis Vuitton’s upcoming advertising campaign. That’s right, Buzz Armstrong is slated to travel to a US desert sometime this week, expected to be photographed alongside fellow astronauts Sally Ride and Jim Lovell. Annie Leibowitz will be capturing a second moment in history for Buzz and his clan, as the astronaut confirmed the campaign at an Omega cocktail event during the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair in Switzerland this past weekend where the Omega Speedmaster was celebrated for its wear on the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1960.

Rachel Zoe on Rachel Zoe Incorporated

For those of you who loyally tuned into the Rachel Zoe Project on a regular basis, you’d already know that Miss Zoe has been (and still is) on a quest to be Miss Rachel Zoe Inc. Her mission is still underway and we hope to be reporting soon on the release of her goods and or location we can purchase (assuming the wares will be semi affordable). Which Rachel tells People.com that she plans it to be:

"It will be absolutely, 100% accessible fashion for sure — for everybody. There’s no reason for me to do a luxury-level design. That’s not who I am. I don’t think it’s what people want from me. I think that I would need to give people that fantasy becoming a reality. That’s my job.”

Chicago's Stylish Streets

The spring issue of The New York Times T Style Mag features photographer Raymond Meier and model Natasa Vojnovic in the “City of Angels”. The future is now is Chicago where a “newfound vitality is fueling a boomlet in style and design”.

Chicago has been famous for it’s spectacular architecture since the Great Fire and the city’s rebuilding in 1871. Steel-frame skyscrapers, flat geometry and clean minimalism keeps the city at the cutting edge of architecture since its pioneering days. Although many may not attribute the same to Chicago’s fashion. What may have one been lost between the glamorous coasts is now found in this high end pictorial with city scenes from such well known Chicago stops as the stairs at West Wacker Drive, the Franklin-Orleans Bridge, South Franklin Street, Wabash Avenue, at the Lakefront by North Avenue Beach and the Quincy El train stop.

The World's First Flying Hotel

Want a 5 star experience during your travels to the 5 star experience awaiting you at your final destination? Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Hotelicopter. This helicopter boasts 18 luxury rooms, all sound proofed and equipped with your own personal queen sized bed, fine linens, mini-bar, wireless internet access, coffee machine and room service upon other various amenities. A private entertainment system and full bathroom with shower are featured in each of the 18 rooms as well.

Pampering yourself further is not a problem on the Hotelicopter thanks to SkySpa, where one can indulge in a manicure/pedicure, get a haircut or highlight touchup and indulge in a deep tissue or shiatsu massage. Guests can also take a soak in SlySpa’s Jacuzzi or dry sauna as well as a quick session in one of their high pressure tanning beds.

Matthew Wiliamson for H&M

The British designer has created two collections for high end “discount” attire megagiant H&M inspired by the ever so lovely miss peacock. Williamson was “inspired by the idea of the colors of a peacock feather,” making sure to highlight its brilliant blues, greens and iridescent accents throughout the collection – with the limited edition women’s collection first appearing on April 23rd on the racks of 200 H&M stores worldwide. Leather, cashmere, sequins and embroidery front the line with shorts starting at around $50 and ranging from $349 for a ruffled gown.

Thierry Mugler on Beyonce

Finally a first look at Thierry Mugler’s designs for Beyonce’s world tour. Mugler explains that the words he was channeling for the collection of ensembles were: feminine, free, warrior, fierce. “The duality between being a woman and a warrior.” The duality is seen through the silver vs. gold frock with tough yet chic touches throughout and a bit of feminine froth with the bow on her behind.

Mugler’s highest hope was to create a wardrobe that embodies Sasha Fierce. “Sasha Fierce is another aspect of Beyoncé’s personality,” Mugler offered. “She is Fierce on stage and Beyoncé in real life. I tried to understand these two sides with my own perception of both aspects.”