June 16th CD Releases

William Fitzsimmons Live Sessions EP, Recorded At Downtown Studios [iTunes exclusive]
Incubus Moments And Melodies [Greatest hits]
Jonas Brothers Lines, Vines And Trying Times
Kid Mud Now They Shut Us Down
Loop 2.4.3. Zodiac Dust
Math The Band Don't Worry
Spinal Tap Back From The Dead
Street Sweeper Social Club Street Sweeper Social Club
Tiny Masters Of Today Skeletons
Twista Category F5

Trend List: Lace Accessories

Lace is everything from sexy to romantic to vintage. It’s versatile, a great way to embrace your femininity, and this season we are seeing it on all kinds of accessories. In regards to the shoe department, Chanel is showing a white heel with patches of black lace for a sexy look. Giabattista Valli is showing a tall periwinkle heel with soft blue lace to create a romantic feel, and Nina Ricci’s peach peep toe heel with lace trim is a lovely vintage-looking shoe. Prada’s black leather and lace bag is strong and sassy, while Aurelie Bidermann’s vintage gold lace necklace and cuff are delicate and feminine. Lace is a perfect addition to your ensemble for any occasion and can take you from day to night. Just remember, a lace top doesn’t need a lace shoe and bag to match.

Perspective: Karim Amatullah comes to Joonbug!

Why Write A Blog?

Perspective: Karim Amatullah’s Blog Fresh Brewed comes to Joonbug.

We are happy to announce nightlife guru Karim Amatullah will be adding his blog “Fresh Brewed” to the Joonbug blogosphere. As you may recall Karim was interviewed by Steven Lewis in GNML in the three part “Karim of The Crop”. He has been at the forefront of the nightlife industry as an owner/operator, promoter and producer of events locally, nationally and internationally for over two decades. We feel that Karim will add fresh insight and perspective on various topics including politics, fashion, film, music and, of course, nightlife.

Fresh Brewed has been archived so that you can see for yourself why we think it’s perfect for our readers. Look for a video blog under Fresh Brewed in the near future.

Around Town, The Republican Challenge

Meat Packing

It's a Thursday. I’m trying to get off the couch because it's already been a long week. Then, the incentive to get motivated comes in the form of a text message from Jessica White. Sport Illustrated models always get me motivated. She’s in town, bored and wants to hangout. My response? I’m in! She’s staying at the Standard Hotel. I offer to pick her up because I haven’t been there yet and I’m curious. The hotel lobby is small and there is a cute little bar that services the lobby. I’m sure there’s more to come. Mean while, Ms. White has me waiting 20 minutes. Jeez… I love it!

New Whitney Houston Album Coming in September

After a six-year absence from the music scene, Whitney Houston is looking to return to the limelight with a new album, scheduled for release on September 1st. The last time Houston made headlines on the music front was in 2002 with her album Just Whitney. No official title of the upcoming title has been revealed.

I’ve always liked Whitney Houston, ever since The Bodyguard came out when I was in fifth grade. It’s nice to see that she has recovered somewhat from her Being Bobby Brown years. Watching that show was enough to make you question your sanity, so I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been in it.

Spring Shopping Guide: Editor's Pick

What: Rogen Ruffle Dress
Store: Urban Outfitters
Cost: $88.00