New Years Eve Style
NYFW Review: Spring Bling

Something we may have taken for granted and hardly recognized this fashion week in New York was crystal bedazzlement and it's subtle creep onto the runways of a lot of designers. With London Fashion Week underway, and Matthew Williamson crystalizing a few looks, we look back at Day 6 of New York Fashion Week for, well, an aesthetic that could possibly be permanent for Spring.

Gottex: An entire collection of divine bathing suits walked the runway, with so much potential and quirky things we'd like to try - we wondered could they worn alone as just leotards, far, far away from the beach. Models donned bathing suits with capes, avant-garde straps and some with extended trains sweeping the floor. But, not only would one have to worry what design to choose, but color - from, beiges to black and greens to reds - emerald green being the most coveted. After such a color fuss, came swimsuits bedazzled in swarvoski crystals at the shoulders and torsos. Where the swimsuits wearable? Not entirely - we coudn't bear the thought of chasing crystals in water - but, they were defintely beach-side posing appropriate.

NYFW Pit Stop: What's Saving Us This Season

Timo Weiland Presentation & After-Party: Timo Weiland showed a spunky-prep collection Sunday at Lincoln Center - identifying with adventurous yuppies everywhere through muted tones, color blocking and bold horizontal stripes. After the show, everyone headed to The Ohm to celebrate Weiland's showing, with Fashionista.com. With a live band, deejay and special sake drinks available, guests hardly noticed the damp change in weather when the party moved out onto the terrace. Weiland, being the great host that he is, showcased an impressive Spring 2011 video installation, while greeting pleased guests and posing for photographers.

Rebecca Minkoff: For Girls Who Can Clean Up Well?

Last season, Minkoff presented a collection with a bit of an edge - moreso the downtown girls. However, for Spring 2011, Minkoff showed sweet glamour, as majority of the girls donned beige and red, shorts and frocks, leather and pleats - and of course, Minkoff's handbag collection.

As the music played, guest walked in circles around The Box at Lincoln center, eyeing models with natural makeup and easy-going hair, allowing not too much fuss to their face, but more on the well-made construction of Minkoff's shorts. Minkoff made it clear her girls were leaving Soho for possibly the Upper East Side.

Catherine Malandrino's New Breeze

Four days into Fashion Week, the dramatic changes in weather began - as guests scurried outside in the damp drizzle to attend Catherine Malandrino's Spring 2011 outdoor presentation. Oddly enough, throughout the show the weather lightened up to accentuate the softness of beiges and browns that encapsulated the collection. Malandrino's strength came from altering proportions - many layered-over shorts, and under tops - whilst hems battled from sweeping the floors to above the knees.

Farah Angsana and the Ethno Glam

Indonesian designer Farah Angsana, dedicated her Spring 2011 collection to Ethno Glam, or her journey home. It was her chance to fully adorn tradition textiles with swarvoski crystals, metal sequins and headpieces - walking the fine line between couture-like wearability and ultra-glam bridal.

The show opened with embellished cocktail dresses and corsets; keen to not just to acknowledge Angsana's flashy aesthetic, yet her craftsmanship and ability to create well-made clothing utilizing complicated trims of lace and ostrich feathers. Her draping technique, forced its way as her breadwinner - with an ability to avoid being matronly, but young, outlandish and sometimes extremely short in hemlines.

Daniel Vosovic Shows The Final Girl For SS 2011

Boy scout survival. Daniel Vosivic begin his show with a film of his muse Martha, in the wilderness on a mission. Her mission: to survive - fearfully ripping discovered cloth into appropriate and wearable bikini tubes -complimenting her downtown aesthetic at its best. Vosovic's collection "Final Girl," seemed to be inspired by unsuiting circumstances and questionable perserverance.

When the runway show begin, we knew we were in for a surprise. The show opened with a slouchy trailblazer coat, immediately acknowledging Vosovic's 360 degree turnaround from his Fall 2010 collection - structured elegance to accessible cool. Models continued down the runway in moss, sandstone and deer-like colors, honoring tied, slashed and twisted details.

The Christian Siriano Way of Things For Spring 2011

In a past lifetime, Christian Siriano could have been a shoe designer. Throughout his Spring 2011 collection, it was painfully hard to balance the attention between Siriano's Eastern Culture influence and the collections footwear -named Shanghai, Mumbai, Nairobi and Zanzi - a phenomenal contribution to his affordable capsule with Payless. Unlike his fame founding rival, Daniel Vosovic, the designer kept literally honest to the Siriano way of things.

He played it safe with skin-embracing frocks adorned in repetitive prints. Prints, most of us appreciate and depend on of Siriano. The designer introduced the spirit of a traveling woman, with belted hip-touching bodices, shiny bermuda shorts and a metallic front-draped pencil skirt for an evening night out. Siriano's draping was taken out of context, when he begin to playfully drap transparent like fabrics from various places on the woman's body.

Get Excited! Fashion Week Is Here; Plus, FNO: The Show Review

Bienvenue! Fashion week is here, and we couldn't be more excited. Our highlights for today include: Vena Cava, Christian Siriano, Farah Angsana, Daniel Vosovic and many more. Vogue has relaunched its site, vogue.com, by capturing a first-look preview from the Brooklyn duo of Vena Cava and Oliver Theyskens for Theory. We expect to see plenty of color, rubber-choker pieces and motif jewelry from Vena Cava, alongside structured tailoring from Theyskens. And, we couldn't ask for anymore. Could we?

What We Missed This Week: Anna & Marc Do TV, Kate Moss Attacked & More

The days leading up to fashion week seem to be the most hectic. In addition to the Joonbug team preparing for shows and our own event with ELLE Style 360, the industry has made headlines with some of the most shocking news yet - which makes us not only anxious for what's to come, but curious to see how influential fashion is over all markets. This week, we witnessed the following:

Kate Moss Attacked at LAX: It's flattering to see an iconic figure within the fashion industry become a center of attention, glamour and admiration. However, this week brought the curse of being famous to former supermodel Kate Moss. Moss and her daughter were caught on camera being ambushed by paparazzi at LAX this week, while the two waited for car service. Moss, under heavy stress and discomfort, attempted to use her luggage carrier in self-defense before being escorted by airport security to take cover behind a check-in counter until her van arrived. Disregarding onlookers' disgust, paparazzi continued to block Moss' path to her van, briefly stopping the van from moving once she was in. The result? Well, publicity, of course - yet, California has passed a bill - which will be final as a law once governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs it - 43-10, will fine photographers if they break traffic laws and/or interfere with the operation of a celebrity's car. Photographers can also face up to one year in prison. Moss' video of being hounded at LAX was used as a key exhibit in the hearing. The date of the passing of the bill marked the 13th anniversary of Princess Diana's death - caused by a car accident after being chased by paparazzi. As traumatizing as Moss' encounter may be, the industry will miss her tremendously as she prepares for her last Topshop collection this October.