Lunch With Lartigue
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Lunch With Lartigue
Lunch With Lartigue

Thursday, a selection of Brooklyn's best and most prominent figures were invited to enjoy the premiere of High Style at the Brooklyn Museum. Participants, including Diane Von Furstenberg, Chloe Sevigny, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Band of Outsiders, set the tone for the exhibit, which was followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and after party, a glorious bar, and a twenty foot Andy Warhol pinata filled with Hostess snacks. Lim's booth was lead by a foursome of drag queens giving out life advice and leather bowties to anyone who dared to approach.

The after party was reminiscent of a school carnival; Band of Outsiders tangled with makeup; allowing guests to channel their inner child by way of face paint. Any available open space was crowded with dancers who moved to sets from live bands and a coordinated deejay. The guests...well the guests were by far more entertaining than the carnival-inspired after party itself. I bumped into a divine makeup artist who took after designer Karl Lagerfeld for the event; black on white attire, ponytail and gloves required frequent visits to the powder room for maintainence.

Fashion Calendar: April 27th

4/27 - Brunello Cucinelli will celebrate the opening of their new Madison boutique with a light lunch; supporting The New Victory Theater and The New Victory Education Program. RSVP Required. 683 Madison Avenue; (12-2pm)

4/27 - The cast of Broadway's American Idiot will gather at Bloomingdale's for a meet and greet. The first 100 guests will win a poster for the cast to sign and customers who spend $200 on men's or women's Nudie denim will receive two tickets to the show. 1000 Third Ave; (212-705-2000); (4:15pm)

4/28 - Robert Verdi and Kristen Bell will host Marshall's fashion show in Union Square. Guest will be able to play games and will receive keys that may unlock wardrobes full of prizes; Facebook fans will be entered to win a $5,000 spring wardrobe. Union Square Park at 14th St.; (12-2pm)

Lunch With Lartigue

Viewers filled the first floor of Milk Studios Tuesday evening for Project: Monarch by Guillermo De Zamacona. What initially appeared to be a astounding nod towards nature, swiftly warmed into a combination of what looked like digital backgrounds, Givenchy flashbacks, styled Balenciaga pumps and an aura of Believe by Britney Spears. For the sequence of photos De Zamacona took his crew to the sanctuary of the monarch butterflies in Mexico; borrowing from flashy elements of mysticism. The sanctuary is considered a magical place, as tens of millions of butterflies are accounted for between the months of November and Mid-March. Followers are astounded by the mystery of the knowledge of the butterflies annual travel to the monarchs. Throughout the event, photography - embracing the realm of eternal instant - was for sale at the staggering price of $3,500; although $400 could earn guest scaled down versions. Guillermo de Zamacona is a Mexico City native photographer who has built a name for himself through editorial assignments for Interview, celebrity portraiture for Vanity Fair and covers for Spanish Harper’s Bazaar.