'It's harder to get guys to do full nudes, I don't know why, but they don't want to show their junk."

Terry Richardson has been in some hot water lately for allegedly being overtly sexual while photographing young girls. Well he is branching out and has plans to get guys naked and do them.

"I love shooting guys. Some of my favorite pictures over the years have been the things I've done with guys. In a commercial context too, there's no hair or makeup with guys, which is great. I love shooting nudes of guys, but it's harder to get guys to do full nudes, I don't know why, but they don't want to show their junk. I love doing guys. If there are any guys out there that want to get naked you can email: model@terryrichardson.com"

Any takers?

Baptiste Puts On Another Pair Of Heels!

Karl Lagerfeld's boy toy, Baptiste Giabiconi, takes on another pair of heels for L'Officiel Hommes China. It would be awkward if Karl Lagerfeld had shot the spread, because then we would be left to think he was making a mockery of the young lost model. However, Giabiconi's latest spread shows him posing as a series of famed singers from Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson to David Bowie. Is Beyonce in there somewhere? We kind of want to see that! The spread was shot by Xiang Sun. Click to see more of the images at The Daily.

The Quick Stop: April 7th
Coco Rocha Wears Karl Lagerfeld's Clothes For Coke!

Taking a break from overly detailed wedding news we've heard so much about lately, Coco Rocha made time to pose with Karl Lagerfeld's boy toy, Baptiste Giabiconi, to shoot the designer's ad for his Coco Cola Light bottle. Rocha blushed on her blog with joy as she described wearing Lagerfeld's personal clothes for the shoot; "Karl ... dressed me as the femme version of him. I remember at one point in the shoot Karl didn't think I had on the right accessories so he stopped the shoot and headed home to bring me a pair of his own gloves and then took off his tie pin and rings for me to wear!!"

Gisele's 8-week Post-Pregnancy Body

After reading "Earth Mother," an article about Gisele Bundchen in the April 2010 issue of Vogue (aka The Shape Issue), I find it hard to believe that a bit of yoga, having family members as part of your serving staff, and being married to a young and attractive football player will bounce your body back into what could quite possibly be better shape than pre-pregnancy.

Nonetheless, 8 weeks after childbirth, Bundchen was joined by David Sims in Boston to shoot ads for Colcci. Gisele described her 4-month break from modeling as "feeling lost" during her first take on set - but instantly warming up on the second.

Annie Leiovitz Still In Debt; Another Lawsuit!

The saying, 'everything that glitters isn't gold,' rings particularly true when we think of famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

The photographer who shoots for major publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair - remember the darling nude pregnancy photos she shot of Angelina Jolie? - can't seem to recover from a crucial crisis of debt. You'd think someone of her caliber would be set. And why not? If Terry Richardson can move on, Leibovitz should be far past her financial stumble.

Men Go For Skirts & Legs For Dressed To Kilt...

Last night's Dressed To Kilt charity fashion show brought out more men in skirts than we think Marc Jacobs could handle.

The event, which was hosted at M2 Lounge, attracted a plethora of celebrities and public figures, in spite of Robert Verdi in a - well, blazer and sans pants. Could this be a storyline for his overly flamobouyant, yet idea gathering reality television show on LOGO? Perhaps.

Bravo Lets Christian Siriano Have His Moment..

Last night Bravo TV premiered Christian Siriano's reality television show, Christian Siriano: Having A Moment.

As if I don't watch enough television, I needed something to get my fix, which was left back in the past week somewhere from Bravo's Kell On Earth.

Siriano was a favorite of mine throughout his Project Runway debut. I walked away from the emotional finale saying the word "FIERCE!" On his behalf, of course.

As every other reality television star (aka the entire crew of CW's Stylista), I let Siriano fade into the back of my mind only to recall his name when walking past a Payless Shoe Source; seeing his promo ads plastered throughout the windows.

Elle Magazine Pipes In On Tavi, Bryanboy & Fashion Bloggers..

During the discussion, Joe Zee, Kate Lanphear and Anne Slowey discussed the pros and cons of the publicity fashion bloggers have received within the past few seasons. Slowey, who has criticized the 13-year-old blogger Tavi before, compared real-life journalists to Tavi's "selling out" for Target videos of fame. Although it may have sounded as if she's against them all, she spoke words of kindness when she spoke about leading fashion blogger Bryanboy. Below are transcripted excerpts from their discussion.

Joe Zee (Elle Creative Director):

Cynthia Rowley Really Thinks Surfing Is Fashion

Last week, designer Cynthia Rowley launched her Roxy collection at Barneys Soho to a crowd full of celebs (Katie Lee), editors (Mickey Boardman) and Roxy pro surfers (Lisa Anderson and Kassia Meador).

The American designer took ahold of the beach by way of adding fashion to functional swimwer; better yet, adding swimwear to fashion. For goodness' sake, there were neoprene ballet flats and pencil skirts involved. Whether we could lay on the beach in the middle of an oncoming tide is undetermined, but we wouldn't mind the attempt.