Band Of Outsiders Expanding: Good or Bad?

It may not have been a fair statement for Band Of Outsiders, Scott Sternberg to say he'd rather not live in New York and be influenced by the same things the fashion goers are influenced by. His reasoning is that in doing so he'd lose the edge that his LA location provides.

Madonna's Design Fraud: Daughter Behind It All..

Contrary to popular belief, Madonna doesn't want her daughter Lourdes in the spotlight. Though she is willing to put the 13-year-old behind the design desk.

Madonna tells the media that Lourdes is behind her line for Macy's. But, first things first, Lourdes has to face reality and be the most popular girl in high school. Then she can make a load of money from her press opportunities. Or at least that's how Madge put it:

Richardson's Work Flow Continues..

What is it about Terry Richardson that lands him an applause and more work after a public scandal?

One victim from his alleged sexual assaults may suggest it's his manhood, while the remaining industry insiders may just see him as an innocent being, good at what he does and honest about his obsession with women, sex and creepiness.

Regardless, Richardson is back to work. Contrary to what many were hoping for, the recent allegations against him had no lasting effect.

What's The Catch At W?

Speculation of what could possibly be occuring at W Magazine rose over the weekend after Gawker posted a photo of Karl Lagerfeld and the magazine's fashion director, Alex White, having a quick chat during the Chanel campaign shoot in Soho.

You see, here's the big deal:

  • Alex White was the stylist the day of the Chanel campaign shoot.
  • Stefano Tonchi, W Magazine's new EIC, was scheduled to meet with his new W staff that morning.
  • Alex White asked the Kaiser to send a letter of recommendation to S.I. Newhouse Jr. for an EIC position.
Beckham Rips Off & Continues To Play Designer..

While people are still trying to comprehend why Victoria Beckham wants to be called a "luxury designer," London designer, Osman Yousefzada, may still be trying to understand why Beckham borrowed his Fall 2009 column dress - only to return it without purchase and reproduce it in her own collection for Fall 2010.

Olivia Palermo Designing?

After reviewing the trailer for the upcoming season of The City, it struck us as kind of odd that Joe Zee of Elle coerced Olivia Palermo into being a 'reporter' for the publication - opting to tell her it would make her more famous.

But, we wondered, what exactly does Olivia want to be famous for? She's already attempted to be an actress - or shall we say someone who darts in front of any camera. She's deemed herself a fashionable girl - taking note of her DvF and Elle stints - and she's now calling herself a jewelry designer, by partnering up with Roberta Freymann for a capsule collection.

Bloggers Claim To Fame: The Selby

Word is, famed blogger Todd Selby has landed another campaign after recently shooting for Cole Haan, shooting for Nike 6.0 and launching his book, The Selby Is In Your Place.

It's said that Selby will be shooting for Crate and Barrel, as rising It Girl, Becka Diamond, may be landing a starring role in the campaign. Though we're not sure how true this is - considering we've never seen a Crate and Barrel anything with people posing in it.

Regardless, kudos to Selby, as we promote his plot to take over Scott Schumans identity bloggers creating a substantial career for themselves.

A Friday Night Of Charity

Last Friday, we began our weekend at the Cure Thrift Shop Spring Launch Party in the East Village. The event showcased their spring home and fashion arrivals, with proceeds from the event being donated to the Diabetes Research Institute. There were tons of guests, including NSYNC's Lance Bass, who came out to enjoy stellar pastries and wine, absinthe mojitos, vintage furniture and killer clothes from some of today's leading designers.