Lifebook: The Swiss Army Knife of Laptops

The race to create the most innovative portable computer is on with the dawning of the tablet. The iPad has set a new standard for casual computer use. It’s thin, light, portable, and can do a ton of things on the go. Serious computer users find them a little lacking, however. Laptops and PCs are still a lot more useful in many ways, and they can store more. In an age where things are getting rapidly sleeker and smaller, though, our favorite computers could use an update. The Fujitsu Lifebook aims to bring laptops into the future and more.

“The proposed Lifebook is a laptop computer concept based on the principle of “shared hardware”. Currently a lot of hardware is wasted when we use separate devices, as there is often a lot of “repeat” of data stored and features. For example if I have my songs on my music player, why do I have to block the same amount of storage on my laptop? Similarly, if I have a processor sitting in my tablet, why can it not also run/assist my laptop? If I have a fully functional camera with its own memory and image processing power, why do I need to have it repeated in my laptop?”

Megaupload Shut Down, Anonymous Retaliates

On the heels of the major conflict SOPA brought regarding freedom on the internet is some sad news for many. Megaupload, everyone’s favorite file-sharing site was shut down by the federal government. Like a true soap opera, this only happened shortly after it was revealed that Megaupload’s CEO was none other than Swizz Beatz, successful producer, NYU professor, and husband to the talented and gorgeous Alicia Keys. This came out in a video advertising Megaupload with the backing of several major celebrities. The site’s founder, Kim "Dotcom" Schlitz, has been jailed along with many of Megaupload’s employees. While Schlitz has been known to have a shady past, many are in the dark about what Megaupload employees are to be charged with.

The 'If I Die' App

It’s official: Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has finally come out against the SOPA bill. The millions of Facebook users can feel less guilty about using the social network after today’s protest and a few words with their senators. It’s surprising how much of our lives are wrapped around the websites we communicate through. Today, many resist the allure of their favorite sites and the itch to update statuses and check “walls” has never been stronger. The truth is, many of the ways we keep in touch are online. Facebook makes it so much more possible and easier to keep in contact with friends and family.

Capturing the World in a Drop of Water

In case readers haven’t noticed, some of our favorite and most essential websites are blacking out today in protest of the previously covered SOPA bill, with good reason. Under the guise of stopping pirating, SOPA has the potential to allow those with power to censor websites or have them removed entirely based on their own rationale. This not only means that freedom of speech on the internet could be curtailed by some very conservative hands, but that many of the websites we use everyday will be highly censored or cease to exist.That’s as good a reason as any to back away from the computer today and enjoy a bit of nature, but we’ll add a few more.

Ryo Shimura's Environmental Awareness in Art

Believe it or not, our interests as children have shaped our careers, politics, and the passion we feel for certain causes. Just a quick look at our childhood heroes, favorite books, TV shows, video games, and other activities can say a lot about the person we grew up to be. Ryo Shimura found inspiration at a young age and a growing interest in the environment thanks to a single statue of a hippo he loved as a child. As a child the bronze statue of a hippo in a local park fascinated him, and as he grew, he learned about the great decline in hippo population. He also learned the unfortunate fact that much of it was due to poaching.

The First Youtube Video Ever

We’ve come a long way, internet browsers. Internet history is a little more than something to be deleted before a loved one turns on your PC. So much became possible when our favorite websites were born. Now we can chat across the world, share music, and upload videos that can become famous in a matter of minutes. Before Youtube, “going viral” meant little. For all we knew, it was an extreme term for getting a cold. Youtube opened new doors for aspiring amateur film makers and stole the cute animals category away from America’s Funniest Home videos. Now tutorials, scripted work, and plenty more are among what we’d usually expect from people given a camera and an outlet.

The IceBreak: A Facebook App for Couples

Between the iPhone and Android there are enough useless apps to keep anyone entertained for days, weeks, maybe years. Throwing one more on the pile is The IceBreak, an app that’s sort of like a Dating Simulator except to use it you’ve already got to be dating someone in real life. It’s a toy for the tech savvy romantics who want a little more than just verbal feedback when it comes to how their relationship is going. Actually, it’s for the couple that would like a variety of solid evidence to let them know how their relationship is going.

The Land Art of Walter Mason

Plenty of people paint or photograph nature. The world is full of beautiful things to see, and much of it occurs naturally. It comes as no surprise that many see nature as an inspiration and want to capture what could be a very brief moment of life. Most nature photography and art, however, capture a scene as it is, in its best light. Walter Mason, an artist from Germany, however, puts a spin on the traditional form. He considers himself a “land artist”, which is something a little more than mere photographer.

A land artist, according to Mason, works with nature. In his photos, he displays nature carefully, like an artist chosen to make a window display. Leaves, snow, dirt, flowers, and more are chosen and arranged carefully by Mason into photos so intriguing that they’ve quickly become a hit around the internet. His goal, however, is not purely aesthetic. He does not aim to romanticize nature or simply present it at its most beautiful, but he shows us what we have in it by altering it a little. Mason, who was once influenced by surrealism in his paintings, sees a similarity in his land art. Changing a part of what we look at--some small element--can change how we see it entirely. Nature, something we often take for granted, just happened to be his focus and inspiration.

Old-Fashioned Ghostbusting Captured on Camera

We’ve already seen Steampunk versions of our favorite pop culture icons. Old fashioned brass and gears have been added to favorites like the X-Men, Marty McFly, The Terminator and more to make them seem as though they’re from an alternate future where everything runs on steam. You name it and it’s been Steampunked. While Steampunk elements add the feel of yet another world of fantasy, the work of Noah Doely brings that feel of fantasy into our reality. His faux-vintage photos on first glance seem normal, but a closer look reveals something new and mysterious about the world he’s captured.