Batman: Dr. Seuss Style

Many of us grew up with the wacky, often rhyming, writing of a man under the mysterious pen name of Dr. Seuss. His worlds are whimsical and in between offers of green eggs and ham, cats that ruin homes, and more, there are some lessons we’ve taken to heart into our adult years. The poet, cartoonist and writer is known for bringing humor and joy to kids of all ages. Striking terror, on the other hand, is a series that has been passed from author to author for almost a hundred years. Batman, with his depressing origin and sinister rogue gallery is still one of DC Comics’ darker stories.

Genetically Modified Giant Ants

Many of us fondly remember ant farms and the little picnic visitors of our childhoods. They were friendly and tiny and would cart off any bit of sugar that you threw their way. They’re pretty downright cute for things that can lift over 50 times their own weight. Science, however, has a way of making things a little bigger and a little badder. They’ve taken normal sized soldier ants and made them bigger and stronger, forming what’s called the Supersoldier Ant.

New Year’s Eve Party Long Exposures

Between news about the latest gadgets and tech, Gizmodo is known for hosting some really creative shooting challenges for amateur and professional photographers alike. As seasons and trends change, so do the challenges. Since New Year’s Eve is a celebration of light in places all around the world, it only seemed natural that editors would issue forth a challenge to photographers who happen to be celebrating. The challenge, fittingly enough, involved a technique that became pretty popular during 2011. Photographers were challenged to capture the evening using the long exposure method, for 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

The Obliteration Room

Let’s be honest, some of us are still recovering from New Year’s Eve and Christmas. The time has come to get rid of decorations and clean up the mess from the New Year’s party. Things may look a little like a disaster. Not all messes look terrible or come with after party shame, though. Creating a controlled mess is artist Yayoi Kusama. It began as a perfectly white room, housing perfectly white furniture, until she handed a museum’s smallest visitors an unlimited supply of stickers.

Amazing Portraits of Twins

Twins have fascinated people for centuries. Even the culture we grew up in made twins seem like something more than the normal sibling relationship. Many of us grew up with the Olsen twins or Tia and Tamara. Thriller movies cast twins as mystical and spooky figures, while sit-coms and cartoons had them finishing each others sentences and even wearing the same outfits. None of these are really true of twins, but their similarities and differences have long been the subject of fascination. National Geographic recently published a story that explored the physical similarities and differences versus the psychological similarities and differences of twins.

Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of Moscow

The combination of Vimeo’s birth and advancing camera technology have made time-lapse videos some of the coolest and most beautiful things to find on the internet. These last few years have been filled with great time-lapse videos from all over the world. The cinematography technique that slows the frame rate down to capture a world that, in turn, seems to be moving faster, has become rather popular, and for good reasons. A time-lapse film done well is something that can be breathtaking.

Man Proposes Using Internet Memes

Internet memes are objects that go beyond nerd culture and extend to nearly every facet of the internet. They’re jokes, macros, and images that start in one area and spread everywhere. From popular Youtube videos, to jokes between fans of specific video games, TV shows, sports, and movies, an internet meme can have its origin just about anywhere. Prior to Reddit or Tumblr, most memes got their start on 2chan and 4chan, the most popular anonymous image boards. Now, though, for better or worse memes are just about everywhere. While hearing someone say “u mad” or “y u no” in public may make you want to slam your head into a desk, now and then they’re used in some clever ways.

Gourmet Gaming

Video games are full of appetizing and not so appetizing pick-me-ups for our protagonists. From the pixellated portions of our young Mario and Zelda days to the hearty and realistic fare found more modern games, there’s something about video game food that’s either extra appetizing or extremely gross. Scratching the itch that most of us didn’t know we had is Gourmet Gaming, the website created by Daniella Zelli, which brings video game foods to life.

Zelli makes food that looks and tastes as closely to its video game counterpart as she imagines and welcomes contributors to join in. Potion cocktails, fictional sweets, cartoonishly big hunks of meat, and even some sensible meals take center stage on the site, which updates every Wednesday. Special recipes for Sonic’s Chili Dogs, Skyrim appetizers, the famous ‘Bleeder’ Burger from Grand Theft Auto, and yes, the Portal cake, are among the many surprisingly mouthwatering posts. It’s amazing to see what our favorite power-ups and game meals look like in real life.

The Toy Atlas Rainbow

In the post-Christmas haze, if we’re lucky, we’re reminded of the holidays we spent as kids. There’s joy in remembering opening those presents--at least a quarter of which met their demise under the foot of an unsuspecting parent. Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels were the tiny inexpensive favorites that managed to please without much of a price tag. They’re bright, look like real cars, and really easy to bother the family pet with. It’s no wonder, then, when David T. Waller turned them into art, that his creation caught some attention that spans generations.

Happy Festivus! The Final Holiday Links

Finally, today marks another year of Festivus for Seinfeld fans or those simply looking to opt out of the season’s bigger competitor. The time honored airing of grievances and feats of strength are among the beloved traditions created by writer Dan O’Keefe, whose son Daniel incorporated into the world of Seinfeld. The holiday, however, may not be as widely known by this generation. Spread the news with this handy infograph, brought to us by CableTV.com!

Have a happy and safe holiday, from all of us at Joonbug!