Facedrink: The Social Energy Drink

Finally, just what everyone wanted--a drinkable version of their choice social network. Taste the unwanted event invitations from people you barely know. Quench the insatiable need to “like” a few status updates. Figure out what sort of flavor a website is really supposed to have. There are really only a few things known about Facedrink. Facedrink apparently “Gives You Social Energy” to maintain your real social interactions the way you would manage your Facebook wall.

Facedrink is apparently a low calorie energy drink not entirely associated with Mark Zuckerberg’s widely successful website. It apparently provides enough energy for “work, school, sports or just getting through the daily routine” while also promising to be “a sophisticated beverage which provides the social energy that people need to get things done on a daily basis”. The classy container comes in Facebook blue, sporting the site’s typeface. It also stands at a calorie conscious 3 calories per serving and contains a blend of natural fruit flavors, taurine, and caffeine.

NYC Museum Slide

Museums are fantastic. They’re a source of entertainment and knowledge that last entire lifetimes. Sweet memories of school trips make museums feel like to coolest place on earth. However, not everyone becomes a fan. Dinosaur bones, rare rocks, and paintings aren’t enough to keep a captive audience all the time. Walking for hours at a time also doesn’t have a lot of appeal for some.

Suppose, however, that there was an easier way to travel. Forget scooters or trolley tracks--a slide is where it’s at. Right now, The New Museum in New York has made the dream a reality. The slide is three stories tall and has been installed in The New Museum’s Bowery building. It was created by Carsten Höller, an artist who originally began his career as a scientist. His training inspires him to create interactive environments that alter his audience’s physical and psychological sensations. He usually works outside of the confines of museum spaces, but has put together a comprehensive echibit for The New Museum called “Experience”. His work spans four floors, and each deals with a theme carefully chosen by the artist.

Portraits of a Lost Generation

Michael Peck is an artist whose work causes viewers to pause. His pieces are all realistic enough to be photographs of an era past. However, the topics they explore are not something that could be staged for a photo. Their carefully chosen brush strokes paint a portrait of a different time.There is a combination of innocence had and innocence lost in each.

Peck explores the WWII era through the eyes of someone generations removed. To Peck, this is a time seldom spoken about--hushed by the pain of the generation that lived it. His portraits often include children immersed in something the era was known for. The few personal stories that Peck has pieced together from the time have a great influence on his work. In an interview with Milk Made, Peck discusses the influences for some of his pieces. Of his solo exhibit of ‘The Landing’, he says:

Awful Retro Halloween Costumes

Anyone who made a trip outside this weekend has no doubt seen a handful of costumes good and bad already. Plenty of the worst will no doubt pop up all over the internet tomorrow. Bad costumes come in plenty of forms. A few classics are the the last minute costume, the unfunny joke costume, the unintentionally terrifying costumes, and the unintentionally hilarious costumes. These are the costumes that will keep us in stitches for years to come.

However, for every step back in the costume department, there is at least one step forward--at least for kids. Children now have more costume options than any generation before them. While it’s true, a few classics remain favorites, there is still a sea of options for this day most generous with its tricks and treats. Our parents and grandparents had fewer options. There were scary costumes...and unintentionally scary costumes. ComicsAlliance, masters of all things comic book related, has put together a list of some of the most horrifying offenders.

Nostalgic Halloween Costumes

Let’s face it, Halloween is the best holiday to grow into. Getting Halloween treats as a child doesn’t become a hunt for stocking stuffers and last minute gifts for the office as we age, like Christmas. Halloween costumes, unlike Christmas sweaters, age really well. Batman at the age of 5 is still as cool as Batman at the age of 30 for one blessed day. Sure, the candy treats may evolve into holiday alcohol, but for many people that’s a plus.

However, there is nothing quite the same as our first Halloween costume. The thrill of being your favorite hero or something scary for the first time is something that simply can’t be matched. Even our most embarrassing costumes can have a touch of sentimental value. Maybe we weren’t the best Ninja Turtles or Supergirls, but for one solid day it was perfect. The candy rewards only sweetened the pot. For those who want a touch of that feeling back, there’s I’m Remembering. The site known for collecting so many nostalgia items from the 80s and 90s began accepting submissions of childhood Halloween costumes today.

The Diamond Dispensing ATM

There are a lot of things we’ve come to expect from vending machines--toys, food, drinks, and stickers, mostly. Automated machines were built for people on the go and bored kids at grocery stores. Lately, however, they’ve begun to serve a more decadent purpose around the world. A few years ago, a gold bar dispensing machine came into existence. Today, the gold bar machine has been one-upped by the jewelry dispensing machine created by the The Gitanjali Group.

Mumbai just became the first city in the world with its own diamond-dispensing machine thanks to the jewelry manufacturer’s invention. Gitanjali calls it the first “ATM for jewelry”, but users can choose from an array of jewelry styles and price ranges much like that of a vending machine’s. There are 36 jewelry options in total, including pendants and medallions. Prices range from 1,000 to 30,000 rupees, or from about 20 to around 650 dollars. The purchases can be made with credit, debit, or cash, and The Gitanjali Group hopes to place vending machines like these in malls across India.

The purpose of these vending machines isn’t wholly an exercise in fast and opulent spending, however. The machines are more for last minute important purchases. For auspicious occasions, it is tradition to purchase a token such as some of the pieces featured in the vending machines. The machines are also a place where customers can find a quick last minute gift--the Hallmark of jewelry-related occasions. Forgotten birthdays or Valentine’s Days are a few clicks on a touchscreen away from being mended.

To see more, check out CNBC’s write-up here.

An Edible Spray Paint

Gold is already edible in small flakes. It is the flavorless equivalent of sprinkles for the very wealthy, topping desserts to amp up their beauty and price range. It’s shiny and expensive and nice to look at, but hard to obtain. Now we’re one spray can away from having the Midas touch without all the draw backs.

The Deli Garage has invented an edible spray paint to make any food shine. The spray has no flavor of its own, so the paint won’t alter the taste of any food it’s sprayed on or damage it. Their Food Finish comes in four colors: a red that errs on the pink side, blue, silver, and gold. To prove how well each color looks, The Deli Garage painted several foods, including a chicken. With a little more gold spray paint, users could have a literally golden turkey this year.

Giant LEGO Man Washes Up on Florida Shore

We expect a lot of things to wash up on a beach--jellyfish, messages in bottles, shells, and maybe some trash if we’re anywhere near Coney Island. Florida residents, however, found something that was altogether astounding. An 8 foot tall LEGO man washed up on Siesta Key Beach early Tuesday morning. The lost LEGO man weighs about 100 pounds and is made entirely out of fiberglass.

The mystery man, bearing the name “Ego Leonard” on his back arrived with the message “No Real Than You Are” on his chest. While the mystery of how exactly he got there is yet to be solved, why he is there is a little easier to figure out. A quick Google search of “Ego Leonard” leads to the page of a Dutch artist that goes by the same name, whose header reads “No real than you are”. Ego Leonard introduces himself with:

The Clothing Store Body Scanner

This isn’t a picture of airport security measures making their way into our malls. The 3D body scanner parked outside of a clothing store is there to map out a person’s exact measurements. Think of it as a tailor that uses lasers. Bodymetrics’ new 3D scanner may be the future of clothing shopping. Because different brands tend to size clothing differently, especially women’s clothing, it was a process of trial and error to find the right fit in stores. Those buying online would have to compare size charts and guess at the right size before ordering.

Super Mario Bros. Wedding Invitations

These days, there are a lot of cool ways to incorporate geeky hobbies into your romantic gestures. Video game themed wedding proposals have been cropping up all over the internet. However, as fun as an elaborate marriage proposal is, it’s a private affair. A proposal is an intimate moment between two people and a tense few seconds between “yes” and “no”. The celebration and wedding of a happy couple is truly for the duo’s family and friends, and there’s no better way to get into celebratory spirit than with the wedding invitations.