Portraits of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Occupy Wall Street is a movement so compelling that its protests have spread nationally. It is one that tackles the issues of a choked economy and the suffering of the non-wealthy. Like many movements past, it will be remembered by the faces media will focus on. However, there are thousands involved and these issues affect people from all walks of life. With a sea of protesters, it’s hard to make sure that every voice is heard. Eddie McShane attempts to cash in a picture’s worth of words and make sure that different faces in the crowd are seen.

Teotronica: The Robotic Pianist

What comes to mind for many when talking pianists are large concert halls, bars with charming charming players like Billy Joel’s Piano Man, and even church. The piano has been a major player in many types of music--from Classic to Jazz to Rock and Country. It’s a versatile instrument that takes a lot of skill and heart to play. Years of training, memorizing, and building up dexterity go into learning piano pieces. Anyone just starting to learn to play the piano will wish they had more than ten fingers.

The Passing Cloud

Those tired of invasive security measures and rushing to different terminals may want a slightly slower mode of travel. Perhaps you travelers would like something with a little less of the screaming of jet engines and a little more float. We forget that air travel hasn’t always been tearing through the sky. Hot air balloons and the brief reign of the zeppelin made air travel all about the gentle drift and one point. Well, according to Tiago Barros, it is time to hearken back to that time of travel.

The Passing Cloud is a project that focuses on the experience of traveling. Given the strict protocol and rush of air travel today, it’s difficult to find a single person that still enjoys the experience of it. Travel is a means to an end, when it can be exciting or fun or even relaxing on its own. Rather than speed through, Barros wants passengers to float through, preferably on a cloud. His design is made of a series of spherical balloons which houses a stainless steel structure enrobed in heavy weight tensile nylon fabric. It forms something similar to a zeppelin, but has the wonder and beauty of a cloud.

The Electric DeLorean

It seems like it’s been a big week for Back to the Future fans. Not only are we one step closer to the hoverboard, but the DeLorean is on its way back with a few upgrades. The rare and coveted car is one that’s been sought since its limited production and untimely death. Car lovers and movie lovers value the DeLorean and its winged doors as an icon.

The DeLorean Motor Company in Humble, Texas is stepping up its game, after a long and rocky history. Their goal is to take the DeLorean even further into the future than its movie counterpart. In Back to the Future’s future, the DeLorean runs on garbage and waste to be energy efficient. The DeLorean’s revamp in reality runs entirely on electricity. It’s a project that’s been a long time coming, inspired by the Tesla. The retro car aims to be an entire revamp--decked out with the latest in electric car technology. While the outside is the spitting image of the original, the inside is a purely modern piece of technology.

A Real Life Hoverboard

Move over, skateboards. The world is finally ready for moves like Marty McFly’s. After news of quantum levitation and quantum trapping being used efficiently by The Superconductivity Group from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University, superconductors became hot news. Quantum trapping locks an object above the surface of a supercooled magnet. To the human eye, it looks like floating.

Abandoned Television

It’s happening. As we get older, some of the television we grew up with begins to shift into a scary category: the nostalgia block. Finding a favorite featured on Nick at Nite or TV Land can really make anyone feel their age. Some classics are even on their way to extinction--even the television itself with more and more people watching their favorite shows online. Alex Beker, graphic designer, art director, and photographer, honors a few favorites with his latest project.

His project quite literally involves abandoned television. He carefully places old TV sets in matching settings, screens frozen with the remnants of favorite shows past. It’s at once a sad and warm scene--something abandoned and yet so familiar. Beker briefly describes his intentions with this set here:

Adrian Fisk’s iSpeak

At a time where tension is so high in the U.S., where a spotlight is shining on our youth and their struggles, it is easy to overlook the ideas and beliefs of those in other countries with their own struggles, values, and points of view. Adrian Fisk, a UK based photographer, has been seeking perspectives around the world for over four years. His project, iSpeak, took off first in China and then India.

The concept is simple. Where Fisk travels, he finds young people from different walks of life to photograph. He gives them a blank piece of paper and tells them to write anything thought they would like to express on it, then photographs them holding it. For those who may be illiterate, he takes a photo of them with a blank paper in hand, captioning it with a thought he asks for verbally instead. The series is an eye-opening look at perspectives across different cultures, one that breaches class and race and represents as much as possible.

Transforming Steve Jobs Tribute

Recently, the world lost one of the most influential people in modern technology. For better or worse, Steve Jobs shaped the way we used electronics. He changed the look of computering, making it sleek and more appealing to people who would never have normally given computers a chance. The iPod helped popularize MP3 players and completely changed the way people listen to music and how much they can take with them. It’s no wonder that he’s had a ton of tributes in the last few days.

The icon has gotten paintings, flowers, pixel art, and more. This time around, the tribute is a trick of the eye and requires a few different views. This mystery piece was created on a metal fence. When viewed from one angle, a portrait of the young Steve Jobs can be seen. When viewed from another, Steve at his peak and wearing his trademark turtleneck can be seen. It captures his journey in two simple images.

The Glass Greenhouse Lamp

It’s hard to make gardening a hobby in a big city. Tiny window sills are one of the only place a plant can get sun in an apartment, and that’s only if your apartment building allows it. Forget flowers, it’s nearly impossible to even nurture a few spices or a Chia pet. For the eco-savvy, those trying to save a few dollars, or those who love cool decoration, a solution has cropped up. “Glasshouse", created by designer Kristýna Pojerová, is a tiny green house for those without the space for one.

The pretty little orb also happens to double as a pendant lamp. The orb goes over a lightbulb, using its heat to create the humidity and light needed to support plant life. The opening in the center allows people to reach in to water and tend to herbs. It ventilates so that the plants air well and also allows for the light to pour through. The miniature green house makes use of heat waste from the lightbulb as well.

Jan von Holleben’s Bed of Dreams

Jan von Holleben is known for his whimsical photography, full of imaginative posing and creative use of everyday objects. He transforms the ordinary into something out of a picture book. His world is playful, fun, and impossibly inventive. When approached by German newspaper ZEIT to create a set of photos inspired by the idea of dreaming, he did not disappoint. His latest work is a take off from one of his most famous sets, Dreams of Flying.

However, he was not satisfied with the simple concept of dreams. This time, the bed was his canvas and focus. He gathered together objects that could be found in a room and a model, and from there created an entire night’s worth of dreaming. Blankets suddenly become a car, comforters transform into clouds. There is something elegant and child-like in each photo, and they’re all bound to bring a smile to the viewer’s face.