Celebrities Photoshopped into Everyday People

It’s been a rough week all around and we here at Joonbug like nothing more than to send our readers off with a smile and hopefully a laugh or two. Sit tight, scamps, because once again someone fooling around with Photoshop has produced something pretty golden. New York City based artist Danny Evans has started a project called Planet Hiltron. Rather than use his apparently immense Photoshop skills to improve the looks of celebrities even more, he’s carefully giving them what he calls a “make under”.

You Are Not Banksy

Banksy is perhaps one of, if not the, most celebrated street artists of our time. Even for people who hate his work, one or two pieces stand out as favorites. Well, brace yourselves, readers, because things are about to get meta. Meet Nick Stern, a Los Angeles-based British photographer. His photography has taken him all around the world, to over 45 countries. Right now, however, he’s known for bringing the world Bansky’s created into fleshy, spongy life.

Nick Stern, along with a ton of great models, re-enact scenes created by Banksy. The results are something like performance art captured on camera. It’s no easy feat. Recreating Banksy in the real world makes for some clever maneuvering, playing with your scenery to skew reality, and a really strange search for props. The scenes are almost as charming as a Banksy original and there’s just something about actual people bringing life to them that has its own charm. A lot of passion goes into Stern’s work, and according to My Modern Met, he had this to say:

San Diego Comic Con News Roundup

San Diego Comic Con is perhaps the biggest and most prestigious of geek gatherings the world may ever see. Big movie, comic book, sci-fi, video game, and even technology news springs forth from SDCC every year. It’s not just one of the biggest conventions, though, it’s also one of the most expensive to get to. Fret not just about everyone who couldn’t attend, we’re giving you some of the best of what SDCC had to offer.

Marvel blew just about every major publisher out of the water with movie news. Not only did Robert Downey Jr. make an explosive guest appearance Saturday to get everyone hyped about Iron Man 3, but the new suit of armor wasn’t the only thing to get excited about. SDCC was the place Marvel revealed a total of 5 new movie titles, some of which avid comic readers thought they’d never get. Iron Man 3 (5/3/13) and Thor: The Dark World (11/8/13) are sequels we expected, but the three others threw us for a pretty spectacular loop. Marvel finally confirmed that the Captain America sequel, Captain America: Winter Soldier (4/4/14), will follow a character audiences thought was long gone in the first movie. Winter Soldier is a character. While comic book fans rejoiced, Marvel also snuck in the announcement for an Ant Man move and a movie for Guardians of the Galaxy (8/1/14). That’s a pretty stellar line-up after some major success with The Avengers, but that wasn’t the only card up their sleeve. Crashing the Marvel video games panel and taking over an Amazing Spider-Man billboard was Deadpool, announcing his own video game developed by Activision’s High Moon Studios coming in 2013.

Pintester: Testing Pinterest Projects So You Don't Have To

Pinterest: It’s a lot like Tumblr except with a working search tool. The site made its debut a few months back after a trial period in super secret invite-only beta mode, to the glee of everyone who loves a kitschy new social networking site. The shiny new site is almost literally like a candy store. It’s chock full of hi-res, well-framed pictures of just about anything you could want and then some. That is to say: it’s mostly food, cats, butts, and really really attractive people to go with the butts. Among the food and butts, however, is an amazing resource for creating your own delicious food and shaping your own butt. Pinterest is crammed with recipes, craft projects, and general life tips.

Life-Sized Monopoly Pieces Appear in Chicago

Besides the really cool work showing up on our streets, part of the allure of new street art is the mystery of who did it and how. Depending on how anonymous an artist or group of artists try to be, it can be hard or impossible to find out who is responsible for some of our favorite creations. Right now, Chicago has a mystery on its hands, and it involves a pretty familiar board game character. It’s not the work of Alec Monopoly, but this art brings the Monopoly man back to life in some really cool ways on the streets of Chicago.

Last week, Colossal writer Christopher Jobson discovered an oversized stack of Monopoly’s “Chance” cards near a church in Logan Square. He wasn’t the first to find huge Monolopy pieces on the street, it turns out. It turns out there were more than a few pieces of the board game scattered in the city, being tracked by people online, on sites like Reddit. Not only were there more pieces to the game, but sometimes the pieces themselves changed. The top cards on the Chance and Community Chest set were sometimes painted over and had new messages. Pretty soon, tons of people in Chicago were on the search for the artist responsible.

Ron Perlman Brings Hellboy Back for Make-A-Wish

There’s no sweeter way to start the work week than with a little bit of kindness. Ron Perlman, with the help of masters of movie magic make-up, Spectral Motion, brought Hellboy back to the world of the living on Friday. He didn’t come back for another movie, but to fulfill the wish of one young leukemia patient who didn’t just want to meet Hellboy, but to be him. As far as wishes go, that’s pretty spectacular. Zachary, the coolest little six year old we’ve ever heard of, got his wish thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

[VIDEO] Conversing With Your Future Self

Given the opportunity, most of us would go back in time to have a chat with our younger selves. You’re never too young or too old to want to go back, warn yourself about things to come or tell yourself that things get better. Most of us might want to go back and stop our teen selves from making disastrous fashion choices, romantic choices, or picking careers that don’t exactly net us millions. We’re human, though, and our entire lives are full of moments we wish someone who understood us well was there to talk to.

Jeremiah McDonald, at 12, understood himself better than anyone. The soon-to-be actor and comedian left himself a message in the form of an open-ended conversation on tape, with a stern warning that it was only to be played by him in the future. He asks his future self questions we might ask ourselves. He wants to know if he still loves his favorite show (Doctor Who), how things panned out for him, and about his passions like drawing. Jeremiah McDonald, as it turns out, is a pretty charming little kid. He’s funny and weird in a way that reminds us a lot of ourselves when swept up in the things we like.

Playing With Words: The Visual Poetry of Anatol Knotek

Fans of poetry and art will really dig the work of Anatol Knotek. His creations weave his words into work that is first and formost visual. While that’s nothing new in the art community, for poetry, it is a much needed breath of fresh air. Poetry is a dichotomy of rules and creativity, often at odds with one another. We are taught to be creative as possible with our words and with what we choose to spill forth onto paper, but when it comes to form, rhyme, and the visual, too many times is a format pushed on writers. Poetry can be expressed in so many ways, but very few of them are seen as acceptable and beautiful, especially to academics. Knotek’s work breaks the mold in some astonishing ways.

[VIDEO] Star Wars That I Used To Know Gotye Parody

We know, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” is everywhere. It’s on the radio, TV, and on rotation in just about every hip clothing store’s music playlist. The internet’s no help. There are Gotye parodies lurking around just about every corner. Some are great and some are...Well, we’ve gone through a lot of parodies to bring you the one featured today, and we have suffered for it. Let’s face it, the song is relatable and really catchy.

Street Artist Alec Monopoly Takes On the Bowery

Street art lovers in New York may have noticed a familiar childhood icon working the turntablelately at the Bowery. The Monopoly man, practically artist Alec Monopoly’s signature, now graces the giant mural that is the EMM Group’s future home. The jolly tophatted man is also known as Rich “Uncle” Pennybags, and while most of us might remember him as Monopoly’s mascot, he became a symbol of the times in Alec Monopoly’s creative hands. When the economy officially tanked and executives living in excess were still lining their pockets, Alec Monopoly took to the streets of L.A. and expressed more than what we could with words through the childhood mascot.