Heroes and Villains on the Playground

We’re all about whimsy and pushing the imagination when it comes to digital art. There’s no limit to what kind of mediums you can combine or what kind of image you can create when you’re not limited by what art supplies you can afford or find. Andy Fairhurst has combined his awesome sense of wonder with some beautiful silhouette work to create some pretty undeniably cool vignettes into childhood.

Fairhurst’s Super Kids series are pieces of artwork that depict kids doing their thing as some of our favorite super heroes and villains. The scenes are at once appropriately dramatic with our cast of heroes and villains in the dark, and adorably accurate. Each kid works with tools a kid would use, sometimes even things we might have used when playing around as our favorite heroes. Kid Flash carries around flashlights. The Punisher menacingly dual wields squirt guns. Iron Kid flies using a trampoline. Tiny Captain America, of course, brandishes a trash can lid shield.

Amazing Sculptures Made from Chicken Wire

Chicken wire doesn’t exactly bring awe and inspiration to mind. It’s cheap, pointy, a little hard to shape, and it’s generally used to keep chickens from making a mess everywhere. It’s more like a really tiny wired fence than anything else. London-based artist Benedetta Ubaldini, however, turns these scraps of metal into something truly fantastic. Ubaldini is a sculptor like no other. While we’re used to sculptures carved from the heaviest, most solid materials, she sculpts from simple material we see every day.

App Tracks NYC Subways In Real Time

Love it or hate it, the subway system in New York is still the cheapest and easiest way for anyone to get around town. MetroCard prices have been on the rise for years with not a whole lot of improvement on the trains themselves. Even catching a train in Manhattan can take what seems like forever when 5 minute waits turn into 20 minute waits. Forget Brooklyn and Queens. Pack some food and a small survival kit because you may never get back to the outer boroughs if you’re relying on one train. We’ve come to love and rely on our subway system, despite it’s shortcomings, but it would be great to know if or when we could give up on one train and catch another.

Designer Prosthetics from Bespoke Innovations

The loss of a limb is a situation few even want to think about, but a reality for many. For years, many associated the best prosthetics with ones that looked as close to their equivalent as possible. Congenital or traumatic limb loss is a very personal experience, however. Crafting a limb that looks as close to “normal” as possible does not erase a disability, their experience, or the fact that it is a prosthetic. There is no “fix” to make any of that go away, and while many want to feel as though they have a “normal” limb, there’s a fine line between pleasing the person who needs the prosthetic and pleasing the rest of society by making their disability as invisible as possible when most options for those who need prosthetics are the same flesh-colored pieces that emulate the equivalent body part.

Bespoke Innovations’ mission is to radically change this attitude toward prosthetic limbs. They offer patients that need prosthetics an option to customize their limb. The results are something undeniably beautiful. According to Bespoke Innovations, this is how it works:

Fireflies on the Water

It’s finally the weekend. It’s time to kick back, relax, and maybe let the world move around you. There’s no better way to introduce a little calm and wonder today than to take a look at the work of Yayoi Kusama. The Japanese artist and writer has worked with just about every medium, but lately her focus has been colorful, cool, and fascinating work revolving around space and patterns. Kusama has moved from polka dots to fireflies in her latest installation, and the results are mesmerizing.

Pizza Vending Machines Hit the U.S.

Vending machines: they’re life savers to anyone that doesn’t have the time to wait in line for a meal between classes and 15 minute breaks at work. Sure, there’s not a lot inside that’s nutritionally sound unless gummy candies with vitamin C count, but help us survive a few more hours. They’re simple machines, not exactly built to churn out a nice meal. That, however, might be changing. Meet Let’s Pizza, the vending machine that makes and dispenses freshly made pizza.

Being Together: Family Portraits Using Skype Projections

Family photos are are a disaster and major pain for all the years we have to put up with them. There’s a brief period between college and marriage for freedom from portrait obligation, but they come back full force once we start families. Worse, family portraits come back and we’re the ones that want them. If Awkward Family Photos isn’t enough evidence, have a quick look through some old family albums. The results aren’t pretty, but they’re a big excuse to come together as a family for one day. They’re evidence that your family exists, and despite how terrible some family pictures can be, they capture some pretty good times in life.

[VIDEO] Dutch Company to Start a Mars Colony

Cartoons, books, sci-fi movies and even the daily news have been promising a future where humans live on other planets for years. Finding life on other planets has been one of the biggest goals in space exploration for the longest. Not only have we built a ton of fantasy worlds around the idea of life on Mars or even our Moon, but people have looked to life on other planets to solve a lot of our resource problems. If plant life can be grown, then we can feed millions of people or generate a ton of energy, or any one of the myriad of possibilities for creation on a whole new planet. Life on other planets is such a big deal that it would change the way humans lived if space colonies were possible.

Dutch company Mars One is taking their chances and aiming to create a space colony on Mars by 2023. Mars has already proved to be somewhat tenuous fertile ground, but the news that a space colony could exist about ten years from now comes as a shock to many. According to Mars One:

Dressed Up in Words

One of the most creative ways a person can express themselves is through clothing. Fashion and all that we adorn ourselves with has been an ever-changing craft since humans first felt the need to protect their more private areas from the harsh elements. Of course clothing is special. They’re things we hold close to our bodies and yet they’re also among the first things others notice about us. They’re a reminder that we are exposed, and nearly everyone puts a little bit of their internal in these externals. It’s no wonder, then, that a dress can be found in any color, fabric, print, or texture. We’ve seen dresses that could light up, dresses made of food, dresses that double as pieces of technology, and more. Artist and fashion design student Sopi Su has created a dress that’s literally an outpour of human thought and creativity.

Delicious Deep-Fried Gadgets

It finally happened. After resorting to deep-frying bubble gum, we may have run out of food to deep-fry. Anyone who’s ever said “I’d eat anything if it was deep fried” might have to put their money where their mouth is, almost literally. Food stylist Caitlin Levin has teamed up with photographer Henry Hargreaves to bring us something that’s both horrifying and a little appetizing: deep-fried gadgets.

The well-known food stylist created the project as a statement about how people treat technology as disposable. Expensive gadgets are almost always being replaced by a slightly newer model, sometimes even within a single year. Consumers toss out and trade in perfectly fine pieces of tech for the new at the drop of a hat. Levin has bridged the connection between consumer and consuming with her latest project. Together with Hargreaves, she’s deep-fried and photographed some of our favorite pieces of tech.