Notes From Chris

Notes From Chris is a project started by comedian and writer Todd Lamb. They’re a series of funny notes posted around New York City from a man named Chris. Chris just wanted to meet people in the spot the note was posted to do really ordinary things like buy a dirt bike or talk about the subway fare hike or how to take care of cats. Passerbys started snapping photos of the signs and collecting them online as Todd Lamb’s project grew. Soon they were everywhere.

His project started in 2008 in Park Slope, but he’s been pasting these signs up wherever he goes ever since. Chris’ notes have gotten sillier and sillier every time, to the delight of the people who find them. He has always asked people to meet him at 4 p.m., but Lamb has never checked to see if people really did try to meet with his character. It’s a pity too, because now Chris has no one to form an NFL team with or trade shoes for skis with. Of Chris’ evolution as a character people in the city and online have become fans of, Lamb says:

The World’s Biggest Pac-Man Game

To promote the new Internet Explorer 9, Namco Bandai and game developer Soap Creative teamed up with Microsoft to make the largest Pac-Man game in history. The game stacks dozens of Pac-Man mazes onto one screen and allows Pac-Man to travel through every single one of them.

The map is gigantic and Pac-Man is transported to another level when players reach an opening in the edge of one screen. The challenge is pretty extreme, but that’s not all. Players can also design their own mazes and make them playable online. They can be shared with friends or the entirety of the internet.

A Better Hybrid from GM

The Volt, a new plug-in hybrid car from General Motors, may be the hybrid car with the most bang for your buck so far. Drivers of the new vehicle can go 1,000 miles between fill-ups, which is staggering compared to the competition.

The car switches to the gasoline-powered electric generator when the battery’s life dwindles. The range of the battery is 35 miles and the 9 gallon gas tank can add another 344 miles, making the combined range for the car 379 miles. However, the best part about the data so far is that drivers were able to get a lot of use out of the electric generator and rarely relied on the gasoline engine.

Batman Theater Show Hits U.K.

We weren’t kidding a few months ago when word of a Batman musical started spreading around. The Caped Crusader just got his own stage show set to tour the U.K. starting in July. After that, the show will have a 5 year tour around the world. With the imminent arrival of the Arkham City video game and not only news of the next Christopher Nolan Batman movie but a relaunch of the entire movie franchise afterward, sites are already buzzing with news about the musical too.

The Next Wii

Yesterday some “anonymous” sources tipped several video game magazines and blogs about an upcoming announcement from Nintendo to officially take place at this year’s E3 conference. The buzz, which is already exciting Nintendo fans, is that a successor to the Wii is on its way. Vague implications as to what the system’s successor will offer were thrown around, as it is most likely that no feature is set in stone as of yet, but there are a few reasons gamers are excited.

The Wii, far behind in its rivals in terms of graphics and visuals, may finally have a version that catches up. The informers made it known that this new Wii will be able to support 1080p resolutions, which is an extreme improvement over its would-be older brother. Sweetening the deal is the promise that the system will be backwards compatible with Wii games. For those that will find themselves on the fence this is great news, because this makes games they’ve owned previously playable on the new system. It also means that those who may find themselves unsatisfied with the new Wii’s game selection at launch will still be able to play quality games from the older system until the new one catches up.

Mix Music in the Clouds

The Burn Studios
audio tool is a new web application that allows users to mix and create their own music. It’s a “cloud-based” music production studio, which means most of its options are right on hand, clustered conveniently for the user. The app lets users connect a whole slew of virtual devices to create their own unique sound.

Possibilities are nearly limitless, as there are so many options. All users need is a Flash-enabled browser and reliable internet connection to get started. There are plenty of audio samples and templates to work with and your creations can become MP3s or OGG files. The production studio is great for experiences musicians, those new to audio software and even those just looking for some musical fun to pass the time.

Photoshop Touch Apps

Since the touchpad began making its debut many wondered how the change would affect art and editing. After all, touch screens were somehow bringing us closer to the pad and paper. Using your own hands is a big part of having a touch screen device or tablet. Many were that Adobe, makers of Photoshop, the most popular software for photo editing and creating art via computer, to jump in to accommodate the new experience.

While a fully fleshed out Photoshop program has not been made for tablets or the iPad yet, a few alternatives have been cropping up. Photoshop Touch, a free update for users that already own Photoshop CS5 Extended, will allow the program to communicate with iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. Touch screen devices would be able to control things like paintbrush movements and layering, essentially functioning as a control panel and art tablet at once. This update will also make it possible for any app developer to work Photoshop into their creation.

The Eco-Friendly Stretch Batmobile

Nearly 5 years ago it was reported that a stretch Batmobile created for public transportation was in the works in the Netherlands. Today, that vision has become a reality. Called the Superbus, this fancy ride does far more than look unique.

The Superbus is a completely electric vehicle that rides on a dedicated lane. While the same length and width of a city bus, it is actually much shorter and sleeker. The creation can fit up to 23 passengers and can reach speeds of 155 mph. That’s a ride with a lot of edge! Passengers even text the bus for pick up!

The Photoshop of the Past

In the past, magazines and advertisements had a method of creating the difficult to near impossible without the use of software or photo manipulation. This method? Why, a simple stroke of the paint brush. Buzzfeed has collected a few great examples of photographs turned into illustrations for advertising.

The fascinating thing about each is how intricately the photo is staged to convey the result the artist wants to capture. When a beautiful outdoor swing scene isn’t available, the model poses in the exact position she would be when playing on a tree’s swing. A tiny makeshift slide takes the place of a park slide. When a car couldn’t be afforded in the background, an illustrator simply drew one into the staged scene.

Eco-Friendly Dream Towns of the Future

Neatorama’s Miss Cellania has put together a list of four places in the world that will be extremely eco-friendly come 2020. All of these cities or suburbs are projects that are currently in the works that center around the environment. The goal of each is to construct an area that would cut down significantly on pollution and make use of new and creative ways to conserve energy and resources.

Masdar City, a new suburb being constructed in The United Arab Emirates, promises to be the greenest town in the Middle East. It will be the first carbon-neutral town and it is planned to run only on renewable energy. Cars are even banned from this new town, to be replaced by large battery powered vehicles that run on a track. Think of a personal, economical, subway system. The town will also have its own solar-paneled flowers that open up to form umbrellas over the town by day, and close at night to generate electricity.