Mademoiselle Maurice's Amazing Origami Street Art

Picking up on Wednesday’s theme of awesome and inventive new street art is Mademoiselle Maurice. The French artist creates work that’s bursting with color and life all over the streets of Paris. Unlike a lot of other street artists, however, Mademoiselle Maurice doesn’t work with paint. She hasn’t touched a spray paint can, but her notoriety is spreading like some of the greats. Instead, Mademoiselle Maurice creates beautiful shapes and patterns for the public using just origami paper.

GIF-ITTI: Animated Street Art

The dawn of computers and the internet caused a stir in the art world some years ago. The gradual move to digital art and digital photography with the help of Photoshop made a lot of people feel like art would lose a piece of its soul. Computers have opened up worlds of creativity, though. It’s allowed artists and art lovers to play with their art in new ways. Art’s like food. Sometimes it needs to be played with and experimented with before it’s consumed. UK-based artist and designer INSA does just that and turns regular street art into art in motion.

Bent Objects: The Art of Terry Border

We’ve all been bored at work or school. It doesn’t take much. Maybe a day that’s just too beautiful outside or a stack of work we feel like we’ve done before can set the mind to wandering. Odds are good you might even be looking at this page because you’re bored at work. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. Daydreams can sometimes be the best. Ordinary objects spring to life. A paperclip is no longer a paperclip. Maybe it’s a weapon, a rope, or something you can bend into the shape of something else while the boss isn’t looking. Terry Border has taken these tiny moments of creativity and created little sculptures we couldn’t come up with on the most creative day.

Skinny Jeans May Be Bad for Your Health

It’s been a pretty bad news week for hipsters and scene kids. First the news dropped that hairstyles that cover one eye might probably make that eye lazy over time. Now a slightly predictable knowledge bomb has finally dropped, and it affects, well, just about every fashion sub-culture. The big newsflash? Skinny jeans may not be great for circulation and may cause painful leg problems.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Dr. Karen Boyle revealed the not uncommon problems wearers of skinny jeans were encountering. Numbness and pain were high among them. She broke down the problem fairly simply:

Prominent DC Comics Character to Come Out of the Closet

It’s clear from all the buzz The Avengers and The Dark Knight have generated that comic book characters are still a pretty huge aspect of our culture, and for good reason! We’ve always needed heroes and there may not be a time that we won’t. The comic book universe has given us something we can’t find anywhere else. Its long history has given us heroes with every power we can imagine and just about any story we could want. It’s a strange and great combination of writing and illustration that’s an art all while largely not being considered one. Comics are still, by and large, considered for kids, despite years and years of movie success and a demographic switch aimed at adult white males. People of every age and gender walked out of The Avenger with a favorite hero, and that was only a team of 5.

Futur Couture: Amazing Mixed Media Portraits

Fashion photography has already brought us some some out of this world creations, and we’re not just talking about the clothes they’re supposed to be displaying. While the majority of what we see in catalogues and magazines are static photos, fashion photography has always been an art. Some photo spreads tell impossible stories. Models can be skydiving, underwater, on the moon, or lost in nature. You name it and it’s been done. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see some fashion photos that still surprised us and made us want to see more. Matt Wisniewski brings a little of the absurd back to fashion photography in his series Futur Couture.

Mayor Bloomberg Unveils 'Made in NY' Digital Jobs Map at IWNY

For anyone not in the know, this week is a big one for the digital world. New Yorkers are taking part in the annual Internet Week New York City. It’s a week for unveiling new tech, for awesome new internet businesses to get some exposure, and to explore what just might be in the internet’s future. Since the internet is an entire world of possibility, the event is a great mix of just about everything. From memes, to fashion, to food, the week is like a convention for just about every interest, focused, of course, on the internet.

A major unveil that took place yesterday, however, was not about fun and games. It was the unveiling of a seriously useful and downright necessary tool. Mayor Bloomberg, Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne and Internet Week New York Chairman David-Michel Davies joined many to announce the creation of Made in NY, a digital map that already charts hundreds of the city’s internet companies and the jobs they are currently offering. The site itself states:

A Mural Tribute to Maurice Sendak

For those unaware, Maurice Sendak passed away last week at the age of 83. The legendary author and illustrator is the creator of Where the Wild Things Are, which touched the lives of generations and generations of children world-wide. If Where the Wild Things Are wasn’t a part of your childhood experience, though, you can bet that Sendak influenced it in other ways. Maurice Sendak was a major player in creating children’s programming on T.V. Before the birth of PBS there was no real children’s programming, much less educational children’s programming. Sendak was a member of National Board of Advisors of the Children’s Television Workshop in its early days and helped the development of what we know as Sesame Street.

The Rainbow Forest

Some of our favorite art experiences are ones that surround us. An experience that becomes more than walking around a gallery and stopping at paintings, photos, and installations is a breath of fresh air. It’s transformative and creates wonder wherever you walk. When the space you’re walking becomes something new it keeps you on your toes--experiencing art becomes about more than just your sense of sight. The Grand Palais in Paris has been home to some of the strangest, most colorful, and awe-inspiring installations in the world. Starting this week the Grand Palais will experience another transformation--one that creates a bright, candy-coated environment.

The Homemade Transformer

Whether as a kid or full grown adult watching the Michael Bay movies, a lot of us have wanted a Transformer of our very own. It’s no wonder. The Transformers are huge, both literally and figuratively. They’ve survived over twenty years. A lot of our attics are full of old Transformer toys, comics, and tapes of the TV show. Anyone who didn’t want to be a Ninja Turtle, Jem, She-Ra, or Spider-Man either wanted a Transformer as a best friend or wanted to be a Transformer (kids have some strange priorities). Well, we’re all grown up now and the future isn’t quite as advanced as we wanted. We don’t have working rocket boots and none of us did become superheroes, but one man really has put together a Transformer of his own!