Double Happiness

Didier Fiuza Faustino has followed the footsteps of the recent billboard artists in a different direction. Rather than play with typography or tout clever slogans from the high safety of a billboard’s perch, he decided to create a billboard others could play with themselves.

As part of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture, Faustino built a swing set using the structure of a local billboard, and called the structure Double Happiness. The piece itself looks fantastic in its simplicity—a thin metal swing set within the thin and rectangular structure of a gutted billboard. It’s a piece that simultaneously blends in with and stands apart from the local structure.

Back to the Future

Most of us harbor a secret fondness for some of those embarrassing photos from childhood that find their way onto the living room table at our parents houses every time we have guests over. They’re ridiculous or messy or just a little wince-worthy, but they capture a time in people’s lives they’ll never experience again and which have quick become a fuzzy memory.

Irina Werning, fascinated with these moments frozen in time, created a project around looking back at those old photos. Werning asked for some models to photograph based on a picture from their childhoods and then proceeded to recreated the world in that picture. With painstaking detail and accuracy, Werning found the perfect backgrounds, accessories, and props. However, perhaps most important of all, she found captured the closest facial expression from her models. It really is as though she’s evoked the same moment from childhood from her subject.

Some are hilarious and others are downright fascinating. All of them are a feast for the nostalgic eyes.

Work for Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher begins his search for a vice president of pop culture at Popchips this week. He’s teaming up with Monster.com to receive applicants for the position. The job itself will pay $50,000 as salary and entail working on new digital content for the company, serving as popchips' on-location reporter at three top pop culture events, and participating on their social media channels.

Fans can apply through Facebook by submitting a candidacy video that others can vote on. Kutcher and Popchips representatives want to see creative entries that focus on social media. It looks like competition will be fierce, but opening up job candidacy for anyone with a webcam is pretty exciting and it’s sure to generate some really interesting entries. Kutcher and Popchips get the final say in who gets the job, but votes will be an important deciding factor.

Entries will be accepted until March 2nd, so get started soon!

Weird Worldwide Pub Crawls

Come St. Patrick’s Day, cities around the world will be hosting tons of pub crawls. Local bars will become a veritable buffet of partying and unique pub crawl events. The only thought to mull over is how hard you want to party and how creative you want to get. Well, we’re here to put things in perspective by showcasing just a few of the most bizarre pub crawl events across the globe.

The Zombie Pub Crawl

Let’s start off simply. The Zombie Pub Crawl is exactly as advertised. Attendees make themselves up as gruesomely as possible and hit bar after bar in search of a few drinks to go with those brains they’ve been gnawing on. This type of pub crawl has been popular across the U.S. ever since Minneapolis created the Frankenstein lovechild of the Zombie Walk and a night of drinking with friends. While not an exclusively Halloween-oriented event, the Zombie Pub Crawl is most often planned in those crisp young autumn months. It is loads of fun for those participating and those just passing by as the army of zombies kick back a few cocktails. Bars that really get into the spirit often have free make-up artists on location at the start of the pub crawl route and serve up gruesomely themed drinks to go along with the event. With the popularity of Zombieland and The Walking Dead, it looks like the tradition is going to keep going strong for years to come.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Released!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the long awaited 3rd installment to one of the most beloved fighting games series in the world was officially released today. What looks to be one of the most popular games this year, given the long wait and anticipation from fans, was released in the states nationwide as a regular release and as a deluxe version featuring exclusive artwork, a 12-page prologue comic, a free one month subscription to Marvel comics online, and two free downloadable content characters.

Those working on the game also really knew how to build up the hype, because each week a character on the roster was revealed up until launch date. Once again, heavyweights from Marvel Comics like Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-man will be featured along with Capcom games’ best and brightest like Morrigan of Darkstalkers, Dante of Devil May Cry, and Tron of Megaman Legends. While icons like Megaman himself will be missed from the game’s starting selection, Marvel vs. Capcom is making use of downloadable content. That means the potential amount of characters could be huge and fans may yet be able to play as their favorite characters—for a fee.

A Rare Glimpse inside Pixar Studio

New York Times journalist Melena Ryzik recently got the opportunity to tour inside Pixar’s California studio. Armed with a cameraman, she documented her glimpse into the inner workings of the studio on film and in print.

For animation fans, or even just fans of moves like the Toy Story trilogy or Monsters Inc., this was the equivalent of getting a golden ticket. The video and article showcase the whimsy inside the studio and the interior’s really fun design. There’s no doubt that there is plenty to see and play with inside, but Ryzik also gets to explore their animation process. The trip ends up being as educational as it is fun entertainment.

Apple Announces Universal Subscriptions

It was a long time coming, but today representatives at Apple announced that they are now offering the same subscription services as The Daily to all publishers. With this, Apple plans to allow publishers to print in any format, but as in all things, wants a percent of revenue earned for providing the subscription possibility to Apple users.

Anything available in Apple’s marketplace—, magazines, videos, newspapers, and music—can be offered as subscriptions. Steve Jobs summarizes it fairly concisely: “When Apple brings a new subscriber to the app, Apple earns a 30 percent share; when the publisher brings an existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100 percent and Apple earns nothing. All we require is that, if a publisher is making a subscription offer outside of the app, the same (or better) offer be made inside the app, so that customers can easily subscribe with one-click right in the app.”

This Is Not Porn.net

This is Not Porn collects some of the most charming and previously unseen photos of celebrities and legends. From presidents to famous authors to musicians, the array of pictures is overwhelming. Little is known about the original photographers or the whens, wheres, or hows of the photos taken besides what the pictures themselves tell us. It’s a minimalist site that simply displays these rarely seen moments in celebrities lives.

Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Ernest Hemingway, John F. Kennedy, James Dead, John Lennon, Marlon Brando, Freddie Mercury, and Heath Ledger are only a few of the giants captured in these old photos. Ranging from hilarious to bittersweet, there is something about these pictures so plainly presented that evokes strong emotions from their viewers.

Name a Roach After Your Valentine!

So maybe some of us are still hurting for ideas this Valentine’s Day. Chocolate and flowers are a little too obvious and every fine restaurant in the city has got to be booked already. A trip to a museum or the Bronx Zoo sounds like a great idea, given the slightly warmer weather for New Yorkers. It’s a beautiful area with lots of entertainment and plenty of room to take a long stroll with that special someone. And yet, there’s just one detail missing from the plan to really make it perfect.

The Bronx Zoo has luckily provided an interesting solution to the dilemma. For a small donation of $10, anyone can name one of their Madagascar hissing cockroaches after a loved one. Their logic is “Flowers wilt. Chocolates melt. Roaches are forever”.

Space Valentines

Discover Magazine has posted up a collection of images sure to please star-gazers today. Astronomers have often come across some familiar shapes in the galaxy on the voyage to discovery. For many, space can’t get more romantic than it already is, but Discover’s gallery is sure to awe even the grouchiest viewer today.

Along with each picture is a story explaining how the image was found and where. Those not impressed with the images themselves will be smitten with their back stories. The photo of the W5 star-forming region is literally the capture of the birth of new stars. Of this particular one they write: