Improv Everywhere Strikes Again!

A long-time fan of Improv Everywhere’s exciting flashmob projects, I’ve come to anticipate one particular event the way I would anticipate the lighting of our Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, our annual Macy’s parade, or our fireworks displays in July. Ah, yes, the January air is so crisp. It’s the perfect season for hot chocolate, warm fireplaces, and riding the subway half-nude.

There’s nothing quite so New York as the insatiable desire to remove ones pants, and that is exactly what the many members of Improv Everywhere did this Sunday. Gathering at different designated meeting points in the city, an estimated 3,500 participants dropped trough casually, as if it were a normal part of their every day commute, to the shock and amusement of Subway riders all over the city.

The iPhone 4 Comes to Verizon

“If the press writes something long enough, eventually it becomes true. We’re very excited about our announcement today…The innovation in this market is mind boggling -- and today two innovators are coming together.”

--Lowell McAdam, President and Chief Operating Officer of Verizon, today at Verizon’s conference in NYC.

The long wait is over for Verizon customers who have been hoping to get their hands on an iPhone while keeping their cell phone plans intact. Today at the Jazz and Lincoln Center in New York, Verizon announced the release of their version of the smartphone for their network. Many have been anticipating this announcement for a long time, as Verizon seems one of the few networks capable of handling an influx of many more iPhone users while still offering an unlimited data plan that doesn’t leave its customers with empty wallets.

Video Game-Inspired Cocktails

Let’s face it. Whether we wear it on our sleeve or indulge in the privacy of our own homes—everyone has a nerdy habit. From comics, to computers, to video games, we all have a hobby that stays far away from out nightlife out on the town.

However, suppose there was a way to indulge in your geekiest habits and impress all of your friends in one fell swoop. Impossible? Not anymore.

The Drunken Moogle collects some of the best tasting and looking cocktail recipes on the planet, and all of them are based its’ creator and submitters’ favorite video games. Handier than any cocktail recipe book you’ll find at your local bookstore and constantly updating with new recipes, the site includes stellar recipes, drinking games, and fantastic looking finds on drinking accessories.

Axe Cop Creators Switch Roles

It’s not easy winding down from the holidays. Come January 2nd we’re all drained of excitement and our new Christmas gadgets have already become old news. That twinkle of child-like awe, holiday spirit, and generosity has left our eyes and the lazy scramble to finish off our leftovers and waste as much time before a new semester has begun, friends. Most laze in front of the T.V., hoping for leftover holiday gems—the innocent fun of Home Alone; the sheer manliness of Die Hard. A wasteland of post-Christmas T.V. specials lies before you before your favorite show’s new season commences. Who can answer the call of fun and action for free?

Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect

Since the launch of the Nintendo Wii in late 2006, Sony and Microsoft have been working diligently to raise the bar in competition and prove themselves worthy of a demographic Nintendo seemed to discover long before—the casual gamer. Looking to create a better and more efficient motion controller, both Sony and Microsoft crafted their own answer to the Wiimote, the Move for the PS3 and Kinect for the Xbox 360. Featured in last year’s E3 conferences and launched in late 2010, they receive mixed reactions.

Both at slightly hefty price tags, the Kinect retailing near $150 and the Move following up at a solid $100, consumers were left wondering whether the two devises were quick attempts to cash in on Nintendo’s success or were indicators of a huge change in gaming as we know it.