The Sinking Supermoon

Cinco de Mayo wasn’t just about drinks and dancing. If the sky was clear, you could get a glimpse at a bigger and brighter moon. It’s called the Supermoon, and it is the closest our moon gets to the Earth during the year. Not only is it the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, but it’s bathed in a glow that makes it all the brighter. Gazing at the Supermoon was a great way to end a great night, but not everyone got to see it. A lot of the east coast was covered in clouds and rainy. A lot of the east coast was also drunk.

Avengers Movie Premiere Make-Up

For most of us, the Avengers premiered with a bang at midnight today. It was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Not only is it an action film starring superheroes, but it ties together at least 5 films and a ton of characters into one movie. Fans of the comics and newcomers alike were also dying to see whether Joss Whedon’s touch would make the film a hit or a dud. The polarizing Buffy, Firefly, and Cabin in the Woods creator definitely drew a crowd. Midnight premieres across the country were packed with fans waiting to see the film. Some wore t-shirts and accessorized according to their favorite Avengers character. Others went for full costumes.

Sharks with Frickin Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads

Sharks have pretty much become the most fascinating animal of our time. They’re feared, revered, and a little misunderstood. Between Jaws and Shark Week, you’ll find that most people either love or hate sharks. They’re the controversial celebrity of the animal kingdom. Movies have made them into monsters, villains, and the extreme accessories of villains. It’s made sharks, bigger, badder, and maybe a little more fascinating than they actually are. Sharks have been done to death, though. It’s high time they’ve been spiced up. They need something.

Stars on Earth

Some of our favorite art installations are ones that play with their environment. There’s something transformative and magical about altering a space most people are already familiar with. Maybe it’s the Cinderella-like nature of it all that makes it special. Art installations are, after all, fleeting things. For a few days or weeks the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and then suddenly, as if the clock has struck 12, the magic is gone. The magic Lee Eunyeol has created flips the very Earth and sky itself.

Starry Night, not to be confused with the painting of the same name, takes the stars from the sky and scatters them on the ground, over different landscapes. It creates a story that anyone can mentally fill in. Perhaps they have fallen from the sky, or maybe they’ve been sneakily growing from the ground this entire time. Eunyeol created this series for the Gana Art Space in Seoul, with the intention of of playing with space. In an artistic statement for Colossal, he writes:

[VIDEO] 747 Delivers Enterprise to NY

The Space Shuttle Enterprise, originally to be called the Constitution, is a shuttle that performed many a test flight for NASA. It ensured that any other shuttle leaving the atmosphere did so safely, but wasn’t capable of doing so itself. Plans were made to modify the Enterprise and make it capable of space travel, but over times, the changes would be too much and far too expensive. Instead, the Enterprise tested different landing methods and also did vibration tests. If the name sounds familiar, though, it’s for good reason. A write-in campaign around the shuttle’s birth had its name changed from the pretty boring Constitution to the Enterprise. Star Trek fans from around the U.S. wrote in and received their wish. Their campaign, however, is rarely mentioned, because it seems President Ford was already a fan of the name. Although the shuttle couldn’t explore space like its sci-fi counterpart, it could fly pretty damn well.

Cool Facts About Cinco de Mayo

First off, Cinco de Mayo isn’t an Independence Day. Mexico’s Independence Day lands all the way over on September 16th. Though it sounds similar to the Fourth of July, Independence Day for the U.S., it’s nowhere near the same celebration. You’re partying to the tune of a battle won against the well-armed French armies under Napoleon. In 1862, the underdogs, the under-manned Mexican army, defended their land from the French. This battle, the Batalla de Puebla, came to symbolize unity, strength, and bravery in the face of oppression.

That New Apple Smell

Apple has its own specific kind of of fans. We’ve all seen them, known, or been one of these fans. They’re part of a phenomenon that made technology trendy. They love their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. They dig the sterile smell of a posh Apple store and they wear their white earbuds with pride. Apple products have become as much a fashion statement as they are a piece of technology. Slap an Apple logo onto just about anything and it might become an instant success. The people at Air Aroma are taking things a step further. They’ve bottled the essense of Apple products.

David: Prometheus’ Android of the Future

Move over Siri, the future of the slightly creepy interactive robots just got a lot more handsome. Prometheus, the prequel film that’s getting a lot of well-deserved buzz just released a few viral videos featuring David, the latest in android innovation. He’s intelligent, capable of taking on tasks human beings cannot, and bears a striking resemblance to Magneto. Like all movies featuring robots built with a lot of power, David, as played by Michael Fassbender is a little frightening for reasons that are hard to put into words.

That is to say, David is a little too trustworthy, capable, and handsome. Certain movies have taught us one thing--the trustworthy robot designed to understand humans is going to kill us. The great thing about this film teaser is that David himself is a prototype for the very same type of android that taught us to not trust human-like robots. Alien and Aliens are classic sci-fi films that prominently featured androids that made two very different moral choices. One, featured heavily in the first film, puts the entire crew in danger. The second, generations older, and featured heavily in Aliens, saves the lives of the main characters. David is perhaps the great grandfather of them all. He is the first of his kind and given what we already know about the Alien franchise that can either spell disaster or make him a valuable ally.

Gross and Delicious: The Lickable Wallpaper

Scratch and Sniff stickers and scented erasers are still among the coolest things to stick with a kid’s school supplies. For some people, however, that just wasn’t enough. Forget scratching and sniffing, it’s all about tasting for McVitie’s, a baked goods company in the U.K. Their Willy Wonka inspired wallpaper lines an office elevator and encourages passengers to take a taste of its insides.

What looks like flat scratch and sniff style paper is actually food. Jaffa cakes, which are little sponge cakes filled with orange jelly and coated in chocolate, are what line the elevator walls. All instinct and everything our mothers warned us not to do should keep most sensible people from wanting to lick any kind of wall, but McVitie’s friendly invitation might change some minds. About 1,325 lickable cookies line the walls of the elevator and McVitie’s actually did have a bit of forethought on the sanitation front. Once licked, each cookie is removed and replaced with another. Epidemic averted, maybe.