VIDEO: The Batmobile Drag Race

If movies have taught us anything, it’s that the best way to settle a score and win the love of your life’s affection is to challenge your rival to a dangerous race. If the long lives the Fast and the Furious movies have led is any indication, racing is still one of the more badass of past times. That doesn’t always translate well to NASCAR and official drag racing where there are rules, controlled environments, and medics around for when things inevitably go sour. Safety doesn’t always make things appealing, but do you know who does? Batman.

Selexyz Dominicanen: The Bookstore Church

There’s something wonderful and inviting about book stores. Like a candy shop for avid readers, book stores entice with affordable treats and as well as some beautiful books well out of price range. It’s hard to walk into a book store and leave with just the item you’ve been looking for. Shelves and shelves of books, comfortable seats, and even swank coffee shops and bakeries make it hard for anyone to walk in and out. The only thing more enticing than a book store is an exceptionally beautiful book store. Throughout the world there are a handful of bookstores and libraries known for their beauty and unconventional outer shells. Old firehouses, night clubs and more have been converted into book stores.

New York D*Face'd

New York is one of the big hubs for graffiti artists. It’s no suprise, given the city’s history, terrain, and grey walls screaming for color. It’s rare, however, to suddenly find a mural gracing your street. D*Face is a U.K. street artist known for blending mediums and combining inspiration to create art for the public. Posters, stencils, paint, and stickers are among his arsenal of spray paint when creating a piece. This month, he’s brought all of that with him to the Big Apple and has left his mark in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The LEGO Game Boy Transformer

LEGO aficionado and artist Julius von Brunk may have created a mouth-full of nostalgia. What he has dubbed as the “Domaster” is a LEGO-made art piece that’s disguised as a classic first generation Game Boy, but that wasn’t enough. With a few creative snaps, the piece is--wait for it--transformed into a Nintendobot, an awesome take on the Transformers of the same generation. It’s the Turducken of fond late 80s and early 90s memories and an amazing modification to some regular LEGO pieces.

The Queens local is known for his custom creations. He’s built entire Super Mario Bros. levels out of LEGO, ray guns, Gundams, and recreated entire movie scenes before. He’s even got a pretty stellar LEGO tattoo. This guy knows his stuff and his latest creation lives up to everyone’s expectations! Even the Tetris cartridge residing inside the Domaster is its own Transformer, aptly called the Tetrawing. It even has its own tiny missiles to keep up with the Domaster’s battery-shaped arsenal.

The Double-Barrel Handgun

It’s finally happened. Now you, the reader at home, can finally be just like your favorite over the top action movie villain. Running in guns blazing is so 1990s! What pistols need is something a little more extreme. For the gun user not satisfied with a single barrel’s worth of ammunition comes the double barrel handgun, courtesy of Arsenal Firearms. If your mind is envisioning two handguns taped together, that’s basically what it is--only sleeker.

Superman vs. The Hulk: A Fan-Made Trailer

It’s the question that’s plagued us since childhood conversations around the water fountain: “Who would win in a fight?”. Everyone has a hero or two and while it may not make any sense for them to get into a fight, when faced with a friend’s hero, finding out which was the better of the two always involved a fictional face-off. It didn’t matter if it was Bill Nye vs. Beakman or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. the Power Rangers. Figuring out which was best at what they actually did meant figuring out how well they’d hold up in a physical fight. It didn’t make any sense then and it doesn’t now, but the temptation still exists. In fact, the feeling is so prominent that sometimes the source material will cave in or even beat us to the punch.

Futurama’s Bender Elected to DC School Board

With another election season on its way, everyone’s a little extra concerned about what the potential candidates have to say. Elections are one of the few things in life we really have a say in, whether or not our candidate wins. It’s only natural that we’re invested in how those votes get tallied. The fate of the country for at least four years rests in an honest tally of who people want to become president. That’s why many have been looking for unriggable ways to collect and count votes. Electronic systems are far from unhackable, so back in 2010 the Washington DC election board issued a challenge along with its announcement that it would be setting up an e-voting system for absentee ballots. The challenge: hack it.

Mari0: The Mario and Portal Mash-up

There’s nothing better than putting two favorites together. Since the Reese’s cup, it seems par for the course to combine two great things into something new. One trip to Youtube can become a treasure hunt for some of the best mash-ups of your favorite music you’ve never heard. Sure, there are a few less than pleasant combos, but there’s a lot of joy in finding something like a really great Adele and Daft Punk mix. Video gaming has even gotten in on the combo action. Recently, crossovers have been huge. It’s not just Marvel vs. Capcom anymore. Streetfighter and Tekken are crossing worlds in two games. News that Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter would be crossing over too just dropped this week. While it’s exciting that the big names are getting in on the action, so are the fans.

The 24-Hour Cupcake ATM

Despite the economy still being in some pretty hot water, we’ve seen some massively indulgent things these last few years. Money and jewels are typical fare, but it looks like baked goods are getting in on the action too. Cupcake shops are posh and cool. Regular sized cakes are so last year. Now to help people satisfy their cravings 24 hours and 7 days a week, famous shop Sprinkles has created an ATM for their sugary treats.

It looks just like an extremely fashionable old school ATM and rests just outside of Sprinkles’ best-known shop in Los Angeles. It’s been dubbed the “world’s first cupcake automat”, so there may be more human hands involved than previously thought, but it’s still a pretty novel concept. Sprinkles is known for their hand-crafted ingredients and cupcakes, so even their automated machine needs a little bit of a personal touch. The machine dispenses freshly made cupcakes and apparel, but that’s not all! Customers can also purchase their favorite cupcake’s mix so that they can make a fresh batch at home whenever they wish. Even dogs can get treats from the ATM. Specially made cupcakes for canine pals can be found there too!

Tom Hussey's Reflections

It’s rare to become enamored with entire photosets from an artist. It’s even more rare to fall in love with pictures for an ad. Last week, a set of pictures taken by photographer Tom Hussey made their way all over the internet. They were intended as advertisements for Alzheimer’s medication in 2010, but their poignant composition pulled at heartstrings all over the world. They are a sincere peek into the lives of strangers that truly tell a lifetime of stories in single images.