Time Square’s Pulsing Heart

It’s barely February, but Valentine’s Day is almost here. Love or loathe the holiday, if you’re in New York City, it’ll be happening big this year. Pressure is on for anyone with a crush or wants to find a romantic way to celebrate. Anyone a little strapped for cash may already be lamenting over what they can get for their sweetheart. BIG (the Bjarke Ingles Group) has created something anyone can enjoy, whether they’ve got a Valentine or not. The spectacle they’ve created is part art installation, part technology, and all heart.

Happy Change Your Password Day!

Today is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s time to change up some of your passwords so that they’re more secure. That’s no easy feat since we’ve got passwords to things we’ve forgotten we’ve made in the first place. Sure, you may think you’ve found just the right number to letter ratio, but we’re obliged to let you in on some bad news: Your password might still be terrible. As clever as we think our passwords are, someone with a working knowledge of how people think when making a password can crack it far more easily than anyone could guess. That’s if someone is trying a brute force attack.

Graffiti Anyone’s Website Using Goggles

What separates the internet world from the real one, despite our shared seedy back alleys, is our inability to vandalize the same way. Leaving comments on a page just isn’t the same as busting out spray paint cans or leaving doodles in your friends’ notebooks. For anyone who loved secret decorder rings and invisible ink as kids, however, there’s Goggles. Goggles is a slightly more vibrant MS Paint that let’s you leave drawings or messages on any website. No one can see the doodles unless they’ve also got Goggles on, so no real harm is done if you’ve doodled on anything important.

[VIDEO] Flying People in New York

Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s...really disgruntled and in a hurry. To the shock of every tourist and native in the city this week, it looked like people were flying around some of our major landmarks. For a moment it looked like we finally hit the jackpot and gained some superpowers, like nearly every New Yorker in a Marvel comic. The whole scene, however, was a trick of the eye.

The clever ruse was created by people piloting specially crafted RC planes from the ground. The planes were the general size and shape of an average person. They even have some leg-kicking mechanic to add to the real feeling they created. From a distance, these toy planes made it look like people were taking to the sky, gracefully soaring all around Manhattan. It was nothing short of surreal and amazing. People everywhere snapped photos and paused to see them soar around our bridges and buildings. However, no one could surmise exactly why these human kites were flying or who put them up there.

Make Any Website Look Like a Geocities Nightmare

Ah, the days of our youth. AOL was king and dial-up was its queen. No one could pick up a phone without completely disconnecting the internet. Images took approximately an hour to load and forget videos. Videos were a thing of the future and we could not yet see how vital Youtube would become or how cats on the internet would become a universal language that broke barriers. Things were primitive and amazing. We marveled at what we could find on the internet as we tested Instant Messengers. Under the panic of possibilities, teachers were keen on students learning how to make a website. Odds are great that many of us practiced basic HTML on tiny personal sites, hosted on GeoCities or Angelfire.

Royce Bair's Masterful Milky Way Photos

It’s amazing how often we miss out on something that’s right in front of us. It’s not often we get to see the stars vividly, but they’ve been surrounding us since our existence. The lights that shine down on us are billions of years old, sometimes from stars that have long since flickered out. Talk about a missed connection. It’s no wonder, then, that when a photographer captures the night sky, we stand in awe. Our sky is the ultimate light show.

No one understands that better than talented photographer Royce Bair. Every single one of the Utah-based photographer’s shots look like they’re from a dream world. With over thirty years of experience under his belt, Bair has spent much of that time with his eyes to the sky. He has captured beautiful photos of the stars for years. However, it was only recently that he was able to capture our night sky along with the landscape surrounding it. Before the dawn of cameras with fine-tuned low light sensitivity, a choice had to be made. A photographer could either capture an extremely detailed sky or piece of land. One could not hold them together as one crisp piece.

The Super Wi-Fi Network

The internet has come a long way from dial-up, but recent news indicates we might be close to a leap to the future. Wi-fi as we know it right now means dropped connections every few hours and even spottier connections for anyone who’s using the internet on a college campus or public location. Whether it’s a daily internet fix or some important work, we’ve all looked a little ridiculous flailing our device around to catch a signal. 3G coverage is great, it’s more internet access than we’ve ever seen, and 4G is on its way, but for now there are a lot of people mourning over their tiny Wi-Fi icons, interrupted in the middle of some work or avoidance thereof.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Photos

Talented photographer Lauren Brimhall brings the world of Wonderland to life with these Alice in Wonderland themed wedding photos for couple, Erin and Matt. It’s a photo shoot that’s a combination of the classic take on the story and the vivid world envisioned by Tim Burton. The Queen’s rose bushes and the daunting woods of the story frame the entire set’s background. They’re at once spooky and immerse everyone into the story’s world, where nothing is as it seems. Erin plays Alice and Matt takes on the role of the Mad Hatter in costumes that could make Broadway jealous. Their tea party and croquet game quickly become romantic affairs for the two of them, making the set a beautiful and sentimental one.

The Future Now: BMW's Self-Driving Car

In nearly every state without a huge transit system like New York, almost everyone drives. It’s impossible to get around without a car. One of the big rites of passage is getting a license. Driving, however, isn’t for everyone. Think about it too hard and the responsibility of driving a giant machine that can move faster than a lot of land animals and has blind spots becomes a little daunting. The realization that the cute cardboard kids and people on a driving course stand in for real ones can settle in hard enough to make someone panic. Besides, it’s the future. Our computers have gotten tiny, and our cell phones have become computers. If we don’t have the flying car yet, what do we have?

President Obama ‘Hangs Out’ on Google+

It looks like it’s time to dust off your Google+ account. Although the social network didn’t seem to live up to the hype it generated a few months ago, it’s not quite dead yet. While your page may be a ghost town, Google+ has recently gotten some prominent members. Just last week, in fact, the White House made its appearance on the page’s front door. While that may not sound all that special on its own, the White House’s Google+ account offered some promising things. Users can ask various questions and communicate with members of the White House on the page itself, but the real draw is how they’ll be using Google+ Hangout tool.