Guy Fieri Jewelry Line Now On Sale

Following a long line of sorta-celebs who sorta make something (yes, we're talking about your hair extensions Jessica Simpson), Guy Fieri has teamed up with Room 101 to design his own jewelry line for dudes.

The blonde bombshell is rolling out his choice creations- which include dogtags and star-etched cufflinks- just in time to satisfy the gag-stocking stuffer gift. Of course, if you're buying these accessories for realsies, um, we can't help you.

PIG OUT: Baconery Plans NYC Storefront

As if we weren't already feeling enough like heffers this holiday season, here's some hog news to keep us all porking out into the new year:

Baconery, the bacon-based baked goods company that launched in September, is looking to lay down roots in Manhattan this winter. The business currently hawks its wears online only but, according to Baconery owner Wesley Klein, there will hopefully be a brick and mortar locale in 3 to 6 months. Klein told Gothamist last week that they were, "still looking at neighborhoods that make sense."

Weight Watchers Lands Jessica Simpson and Charles Barkley

What's that Jessica Simpson? You want another slice of pumpkin pie before pushing out your forthcoming munchkin?

Well, dig in.

According to People Magazine, Weight Watchers has signed its latest (sort of) bold-faced names for a new campaign and the honors belong to Jessica Simpson and... Charley Barkley?! Yes, the former basketball star- who has publicly battled his weight over the past several years- announced today that he was the most recent celeb to trim down via the the deluxe diet. People states the Barkley has shed 27 lbs. and is spearheading the XY-focused campaign to "Lose like a Man." Joonbug supports this campaign wholeheartedly, as we know many men who are huge losers.

Now On Tap: The Vinatta Project

We love a dedicated mixologist.

Find us a bearded, bedecked craftsman willing to indulge our penchant for dried fruit bitters and we'll take a seat and stay awhile.

But- sometimes- we crave a little more imbibing independence. Today, we've found our answer.

The Vinatta Project, located in the famed former Florent space at 69 Gansevoort Street, is the latest development from the ever-hip team at Nolita hotspot, Mulberry Project. This time around, the group takes on a dramatically larger space but employs a similar style aesthetic with a hammered zinc bar, pressed tin ceilings and antique wood communal tables running throughout. Of course, those seeking a slightly more intimate evening can tuck in to one of the cozy booths surrounding the room's perimeter and soak up the achingly glamorous, international crowd.

'Savored Signatures' Rolls Out New Roster of Unparalleled Dining Experiences

We know it's present buying crunch time.

But- REALLY- no one wants another thoughtfully hand-knit snood (we're talking to you emo-hipster yoga friend). Forget everything you think you know about holiday gift giving and consider a better way to deliver some serious seasonal decadence.

Enter Savored Signatures, the latest and most awesomely over-the-top addition to the Savored brand. Signatures, which launched in mid-October, has joined forces with a select group of their partner restaurants to create unique and exclusive dining experiences that aim to highlight the special skills and practices of A-list spots. What do we mean by special skills? Think a customized four-course meal catering just to your taste at Michelin-starred Laut or an evening crafting bespoke cocktails and delicate appetizers with head bartender, Justin Noel, at the chic Soho drinking den 1534.

Seriously Sweet Sex in Prospect Heights

If the idea of waiting in line to see the de Kooning retrospective doesn't appeal to you this holiday season, perhaps a tarty new exhibit from the Where Am I gallery will satisfy your artistic appetite.

Opening tonight on Classon Avenue in Prospect Heights, "Food Lust: Shock Candy" will take over six empty storefronts and transform them into "an artistic candyland." The premise behind the pop-up is to welcome in the holiday season with art that encourages patrons with a "look but don't eat" mentality. The show will feature Jell-O sculptures, extreme close-up dessert photography and candy-coated nether region polaroids. Yup, you read that correctly.

Notes from a Kitchen Should Be in Your Kitchen

Calling all obsessed foodies (so…umm…everyone reading this blog):

Notes From a Kitchen: A Journey into Culinary Obsession hits shelves December 8 and while you may not know it yet- you want this book. A lot.

The tome is touted as not being “a traditional cookbook but an unprecedented look into the world of culinary arts.” What does that mean? It means that NFAK collaborators, Artist/Photographer/Filmmaker/Food Lover Jeff Scott and Chef Blake Beshore hit up their foodie friends to serve an intense look inside the messily delicious lives of America’s most talented chefs.

Going Greek with Maria Loi

Walk into Restaurant Loi on the Upper West Side and find yourself immersed in the whitewashed walls and brilliant blue waters of Greece. Since its inception in October, the former Compass space has been packing in happy customers; and for good reason. Loi’s food incorporates modern elements into traditional Greek dishes but never feels overly heavy. Truly outstanding options include the Tiri Fournisto (baked Greek cheese with tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs), the Pastitsio (a Greek interpretation of the best macaroni and cheese you've ever had) and the much loved Moussaka (the eggplant, minced meat and Bechamel you've learned to expect from this dish elevated to new levels of cant-put-your-fork-down deliciousness). Joonbug sat down with Maria Loi, the vivacious Chef and owner of the newly opened hot spot, to hear about her transition into a NYC kitchen. The affable Loi is warm and welcoming to all who come through her restaurant, a skill that she put to good use while hosting a popular cooking show back home in Greece. Read on to learn about the chef's New York food inspiration, the secrets to good olive oil and what it feels like to be the labeled the Greek Martha Stewart.

Eat This: Venison at Chaya Venice

It's Venic-son time at Chaya Venice!

On Monday, the restaurant began "Venison Fair," its two-week festival to celebrate the juicy meat. The menu includes a $22 venison burger on country sourdough with an apple chutney, venison chili con carne with country bread ($21) and a game-twist on the classic, venison meatballs served on top of spaghetti ($23). For the ultimate indulgence, willing eaters can order the roasted vension with blueberry black peppercorn sauce for 42 bucks. The menu is available alongside the regular offerings at Chaya Venice until December 11. [GS]

Will Date For Food

Ya know it's hard out there for a... 23-year-old living in Murray Hill?!

Business Insider ran a story yesterday (which we first saw via Grub Street) about a young woman who was going into debt due to her fast-paced Manhattan spending. How does a young girl score the extra 1000 bucks she needs to pay her credit card bill? That's easy- she signs up for Match.com!